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Already did this suit only. :yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It occurred to me that the Perfect Shooter complication makes Falling Object kills pretty interesting. Perfect Shooter means that you can’t just shoot down chandeliers: you have to find other solutions to bring down the objects, like using explosives or manually using winches.

Here’s a cool puzzle based on this idea. I’m super stoked that it worked. I haven’t seen any other contracts use this trick. (Try to do it without using the coin trick.)

The Cords of Their Sins
PC Contract, Sapienza Landslide



Ya, this is why I love the complications because it
Can force a player to solve the puzzle in the way it is intended. I also like no pacifications on fall accidents because it prevents players frm using ko then dump. I also like it on an explosive device because they prevents players from ko’ing targets and dropping a breaching charge on them.

I hope they bring the loud guns complication soon.


Aw I wanted to do a flying BC but it destroys the chandelier. :frowning:


Yeah, something I discovered in exploring these sorts of contracts is that the difference between destroying a rope and destroying the whole chandelier is really finicky. It makes these contracts difficult to construct.

I wanted to make a version of Club 27 that just adds falling objects and Perfect Shooter. It’s really cinematic and fun to put explosives on the atrium ceiling window and blow coconuts onto Ken Morgan’s head… but I couldn’t find a good, reliable kill for Jordan. I could very occasionally knock down one of the chandeliers in the birthday room, but most of the time it just blew the chandelier up.

My hint for The Cords of Their Sins is that it doesn’t require detonating any explosives at all.


I tried something else, but using the Striker to shoot booth Padre and the chandelier at the same time while previously poisoning the padre so his body wont be found is a hell of a timing.


I wondered if the Striker would make that possible, but it didn’t seem likely. You’re on the right track (for my intended solution anyway).


And this is why I love complications, it’s because it can make you think totally out of the box. If that works, you came up with a brilliant solution. Something that wouldn’t ever happen if there was no complication there.

And this is what I’ve been saying all along. With MORE complications, the more creative you have to get.


In the best case complications actually increase the number of routes which are competitive because they might kick the only superior route out of the field.


As I feared, you can just use the coin trick to smash the target with a falling speaker, obviating the puzzle entirely. Oh well, the strat is still neat to see. Double kill is at around 5:15.

I can’t think of any other places in any other map that’d really allow for this trick.


Why not use a FE of mass destruction? :laughing:

Forget manual. Maybe this is already known.


The Cords of Their Sing - (2:03) ID: 1-04-5634957-68


Couple of cool, quick contracts from these dudes.


Scorpio (1:19)


Security Room Clearout SA (53s) SA/SO (2:02)


Security Crash - (3:14) PC:1-08-8075038-18


Scorpio (1:10)

@Ed_ll3: Nice contract. I’m guessing you had something like this in mind. :+1:


Here is an easy one.

Happy time kill

When killing Ken, do the whole scooter burning him alive thing, but drop some combustible tanks around it. The result is funny as hell. XD

Make Ken Morgan fly. XD LOL


Nice runs fellas. Thanks for playing, and channelling your inner Scorpios. :wink: @ILikeGAMESish @Euler13

Both are close to what I had in mind for a fast route. Didn’t want to put a time up, I never usually do on my own contracts; however, I was messing around on it after completion and this happened.


Here are two fiendish contracts that UnknownGamer477 sent me. The first one was a challenge because he had a ridiculously quick time on it. The second was just a challenge to complete! They were lots of fun figuring out…

Title: Today I don’t wash dishes !!!
Contract ID: 3-03-0079387-69
Location: Sapienza


Title: Dead and buried
Contract ID: 3-10-0526931-69
Location: Hokkaido


My best times are 0.55 and 0.51 respectively. :wink:

The Agent Smith Challenge

I had a look at Dead and buried yesterday, but I’ve got no idea how to get that chap off the trolley.


It’s such a sneaky trick. I had no idea for quite some time and I was about to ask here if anyone had any ideas, but then I figured it out. I had so many restarts that it’s positively trending now on Xbox. :laughing: