OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


I got 53 on Today I don’t wash dishes !! but if you guys didn’t have to break the laws of physics to do it then I got no idea what your route is.


inb4 Space program, destroying Fall-puzzles since 1969


Not even that my friend.


Wow! 53 is an incredible time. I’ll upload my runs when/if more people give it a go. I definitely didn’t break any laws of physics though.


I have to concede then 'cause I used a glitch :stuck_out_tongue:


Got another openy, themey, 5 target contract in Marrakesh, with some potentially fun kills along the way; plus, I’ve been catching up with a few contracts I’ve missed from recent weeks.

Via Dolorosa

Tony Gets The Chop (1:22)

Zero Star Hotel (1:12)



Here are my two runs of UnknownGamer477’s two contracts:

Today I don’t wash dishes (0.50)

Dead and buried (0.50)


@Fries00, I ended up having a pretty fun run of your Bermuda Traingle contract with SA/SO/No Ko/ and with no explosion accident kills.


That is incredibly impressive. Loved the editing to include the kill cam!


Created some 1 Target contracts and one 5 Target. Wanted to share it with you guys. Maybe there’s one you will enjoy :cowboy_hat_face::+1:

Colorado, No complications/Any disguise
PS4 ID: 2-09-6070557-94

Crocodile Dundee
PS4 ID: 2-03-8290240-94

Piano Man 47
Bangkok, No Pacifications, Suit Only

Colorado, No Pacifications, Suit Only
PS4 ID: 2-09-6070557-94


Kill the dead person in five different ways!
72Q Naked Dead Man - 1 PC: 1-10-7438452-93
72Q Naked Dead Man - 2 PC: 1-10-6117322-93
72Q Naked Dead Man - 3 PC: 1-10-5128806-93
72Q Naked Dead Man - 4 PC: 1-10-2333374-93
72Q Naked Dead Man - 5 PC: 1-10-8558125-93


Naked Dead Man?
You mean Agent Smith?


This was a crazy challenge. Getting in was easy, getting out was chaos. lol.
SA/SO/!KO/Loud Shotty


He’s been spamming that shit all over the place… :expressionless:



Platform: PC
Contract Name: The Ice Cream Cartel
Contract ID: 1-03-9141615-67

Happy Hunting 47s!


Late to the party @SupremeCommanderIke, but I really liked ‘Goomba Payback’ fwiw.


That literally looks impossible. Lol.


Remade The Ice Cream Cartel for Xbox (3-03-1145639-88) if anyone wants to give it a run.

Complications are all in there. I just messed up the screenie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the credit, much appreciated. :facepunch:t2::wink:

What score/time did you get??

My best time so far is 7:34
Score of 167,420



No worries, it looked like an interesting challenge. I’ve not had an opportunity to play it yet. Will hopefully get a chance to hop back on console later this evening. :slight_smile: