OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


Great! Thanks for playing it, and no I wasn’t expecting a reply from ya haha. Appreciate the feedback though. :+1::+1::+1:


I’m guessing you were using a duck to explode the FE? If so, the duck explosion radius is hitting the npc and if it does, even if the FE Explosion hits the npc, the explosion from the duck takes priority.

And if you are using a breaching charge, then you’re dropping it too close and the explosion radius from the bc takes priority over the FE.


I was using breaching charge and what happens is the delivery guy and a bicyclist are on kinda on a hill and the Fire extinguishers just roll off leaving the breaching charge. So I put it on the road next to them. And then it hits as an explosion accident kills. When killing the delivery guy and a bicyclist don’t place Fire extinguisher and breaching charge on the grass, put it on the raod next to them.


Stabbed, Sliced and Strangled 1:47


Here is a contract I’ve spent days designing, but because it could be so much fun doing it with fewer restrictions I’ve created three separate contracts leading towards my intended, ridiculously challenging version.

Title: Magicis Caedem - Level 1
Contract ID: 3-02-0903745-05
Location: Paris

Title: Magicis Caedem - Level 2
Contract ID: 3-02-8361547-05
Location: Paris

Title: Magicis Caedem - Level 3
Contract ID: 3-02-3801357-05
Location: Paris


Target locations plz


The security guard is leaning over the balcony outside the emergency evacuation room, watching you approach on the red carpet.
The model is standing alone in the courtyard, smoking a cigarette. She will eventually go on the catwalk.


Fishing Rod

ID: 1-03-0966722-28






I thought I had SA first try… but unfortunately had forgotten they needed to be dumped in the trunk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only had a few goes, and not too happy with how long it took. Pretty sure there’s something much more efficient for Garcon Garceau. Bad time - good fun though!


The Yakuta Mission

PC - 1-02-9747167-84



You just put me to shame, my good man.


Level 3. Napoleon for the win?


This is quite a tough puzzle type contract. Good luck!

Title: Falling In Love
Contract ID: 3-03-7099160-05
Location: Sapienza


HITMAN - The Yukata Mission - (2:31) Extreme, no Classic.


Emetic syringe + napoleon for the win?
I thought you said tough?


The Yukata Mission - (4:18) Classic, no Extreme.


Safe House Sapienza: Breakfast of Champs. :laughing:

Something for Falling In Love



Contract: 72Q On The Edge - PC: 1-10-6830158-93



It is really fun, however it is a bit frustrating that the second guy is followed by a group of other guards. Or he just stops before entering. Could beat your time by ~10s if they would not find him :frowning:


Big Iron
PC: 1-05-5001526-37

4 targets, Headshots, no bodies found, Suit required / no disguise changes.


:laughing: Probably should’ve made the time limit of 11:20.

This contract is a reference to a song…