OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


HITMAN - Big Iron - (3:51) PC: 1-05-5001526-37


You used small, quiet iron, not big, loud iron. :sob:

:smile: (I knew somebody would do that anyway) Thanks for playing it though.


HITMAN - 72Q On The Edge - (1:03) v2
PC: 1-10-6830158-93
Many thanks to the player - Hippocrisy
Communication with him has expanded my brain!


I’m reposting BOOM!!! because no one even tried it.

PS4: 2-08-1071889-01

PS, to kill the last three try using the Tuk-Tuk and three explosive tanks. The results should be funny as hell. XD


HITMAN - Gregshot - (0:21)


Engaging small talk with my human beans

Our client is KAI, the AI managing the Gama facility. To it’s impression the optimal woman/man ratio of “1” is not satisfied along a team of doctors. KAI is thinking economically here so the problem shall be solved lethally without the need to pay compensations. KAI wishes to let them all killed so it can request three new doctors in hope to reach the desired ratio of “1” with the next team.
I smell the source of a regular income here, 47. And a future shortage of black market doctors.


Targets are where the patient journals are.


HITMAN - Goomba Payback - (3:37)


Contract - PC: 1-10-4882252-67
Engaging small talk with my human beans - (1:40)


Engaging small talk with my human beans 1:35

EDIT: taking the further helicopter door is just a great idea and certainly didn’t happen cos I messed up :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the contract
72Q test on the ghost of the ninjia
PC: 1-10-8769294-93


Undercover Cover Up SA (Roy-ARJ’s Contract) 1:55


One for the XB1 crew.

It’s the dude in the garage.

Gravity is a Bitch
World of Tomorrow, Sapienza
ID: 3-03-7798034-09


This one I’ve just created is quite the challenge, for any who are up to it. Though, the wizardry amongst the members of this forum appears boundless, so I have no doubt someone will ace it!

Platform: PC
Contract Name: The Bar is Closed
Contract ID: 1-08-0067355-67

Please destroy these poison-peddlers and “explode” their filthy business once and for all.
Today, the bar is closed; permanently!

Well, until they employ new staff members. :rofl:

Oh, and don’t let anyone see you do it!

And as always, good luck fellow 47’s!


General Landlubbers
PC: 1-06-2464675-18



I had no idea that you had made a Sapienza falling contract when I made mine yesterday so I thought I’d give it a shot.

This first run must be the route that UG477 used just with a better execution time at (1:17)

Falling In Love (1:18)

I then realised in the briefing you mentioned that the two of them should experience their own deaths, so I went with my original run.

Falling In Love SA/SO (1:49) (Unlisted)


Two incredible runs. Very nice, @ILikeGAMESish. :clap:

How does that double phone lure trick actually work?


From what I gather at the point you distract someone with the phone you can move it and call the phone again and as long as the person still has the question mark above their head (as in they are still ‘distracted’ by the phone) they will follow the phone to the new destination. I’m not sure how it works in terms of distance or if you can keep a person perpetually following you around the map with this method. The phone is also far more consistent than the coin in terms of the drop and throw method. You can move NPCs up and down a number of floors (for example IAGO auction to the palace garden) by throwing the phone off the top floor.


I guess I was/am proud of this one. I knocked about 8 minutes off my previous time the other day (was 20+). I reluctantly repost…

Venom Vengeance

Bangkok, 4 targets, all poison kills, injected and ingested.

Note: Antique Lethal Syringe required. Anything else can be obtained from the level or should be available from your item selection.

I suppose it’d be considered a ‘puzzle’ contract. Otherwise, getting one of the targets would be super challenging. But a certain event makes it much easier. You might have to wait a bit though. NPC placement/location can really help in getting a quicker time. I’m not going to give too much away.


Try this one!
It’s My Job


Another contract! Sorry for spamming.
The Ol’ Switcheroo

This one can be done quite fast! So this could be good speedrunners.