OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


Just a stupid contract. I’m bored right now.



HITMAN - 72Q test on the ghost of the ninjia - (4:16)
PC: 1-10-8769294-93


Sorry for the lack of new contracts as of late.

Here’s a pretty simple one.

George Orwell (Bangkok)
ID 2-08-4854984-08

@CHAOS_AGENT_45 @immadummee47 @Prem_Raj @rattleshnake @hitwoman47


1min or less coming right up. :joy:

Edit: with better execution, it’s easily sub1.


It was meant to be easy Lol.

Nice use of the fire extinguisher too. Best part. :laughing:


Ya I love doing death by KO. That was hilarious. Lol


I watched that part a few times Lol. It was different, in a good way. :smile::smile:


Haha had the same idea for first kill like @immadummee47 Hilarious indeed :laughing:
My goal was to not use BC/FE or Duck/FE so this came out…
Fall Strat

Big One Ignition Strat


Nicely done mate, making use of the Big One is always cool to watch!

Thanks for doing my contract. :+1::+1::+1:


Ok, well in response to my own mission, it’s the most complicated motherfx%&@# thing ever! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Finally I’ve stopped being anal about everything and lost patience trying to perfect my run and just posted a time to the leaderboard… 9:37 was the best I’ve been able to achieve. All because of one of the targets, I lost at least 2 minutes of time. Damn you Yingyai Chaiprasit; for both your silly name and your insistence on listening to the instructions of security personnel in an emergency when explosions are going off!

And after all that, I see the leaderboard and I’m the only one there!


I don’t blame anyone though, it’s horribly difficult. I did record the run if anyone is interested, though I’m withholding it for the moment in the vain hope someone else might have a crack at it. I’d really like to see someone more skilled than myself pull it off though…

Yes, I’m looking at you @immadummee47 @SANY-72Q @Bending_Cheese67 and co. on PC!


I’m not on pc. On PS4. And I’m not really a leaderboard chaser. Sometimes if it’s an easy contract, but I like going for a different route or challenge that is not fast. San seems like the perfect player for speed.


Man it’s silly, I can’t think of a technical reason why contracts couldn’t be multi-platform.

Maybe there is, I dunno… :man_shrugging:t2:


So you said FE is for noobs. Haha but now I see you got 54 seconds on the leaderboard, as I was curious.
What did you do to get 54? FE? Did you make a vid? If not, can you do it again and make a vid? I just want to see if you’re a noob or not. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@CHAOS_AGENT_45 I just did one of your trending contracts. Probably not the most efficient route, but a fun contract to play :slight_smile:


Lethal Pokerino + FE/Duck Bomb

Sorry, i did no video of my noob strat :innocent: :innocent: :innocent::innocent:


I knew you did it because I tried with the same strat and it was getting me 54-56 seconds. But I didn’t exit. I’ll let you have it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But at least you admit it. Haha.


I got my time down to 1:15, might try to lower it a bit later.

N00b strat ftw. Lol


ID: 3-06-5836103-24
Platform: Xbox One




Contract: 72Q Replacing
ID - PC: 1-03-9362402-93


Could you always write which methods/disguises are used? Many of us dont speak ЯЏSSЇДИ