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Use: Drowning
Disguise: Priest


«Allaise»: the last installment

Sapienza / Landslide



Good evening, 47.

In the Italian city of Sapienza are now the election of the mayor, where a significant margin leads Marco Abiatti – a politician with dubious connections, dealing with the mafia family Giovanni.

Two of his invited guests are the targets –Teresa Balma and Claudio Muti. Both are partners of the firm “Dilton”. Since 2006, they began to actively engage in charity, but later their vector of assistance has changed dramatically – after a meeting with Mr. Mabaya Mzabuni, who was last seen at a fashion show in Paris, all their funds began to flow to the charity Fund “Allaise”, engaged in the collection of funds for blood cancer patients, but not so easy…

According to the information of Interpol, who is the clients, Teresa and Claudio began to make major contributions to the “Allaise” around 2010 to 2015, there was another major contribution, which exceeded us $ 31 million. Interpol studied in detail the charitable Foundation and found out that almost the entire list of people who donated round sums of money – does not exist in nature, except for two: Teresa and Claudio. The money trail was virtually impossible to establish, too confusing and a bunch of shell companies, but their agent, analyst Penelope Graves found out that the funds came into Mr. Mzabuni’s account, with whom they met a few years ago.

Mzabuni – supports the terrorist group “Crystal Dawn” and is its representative, so the presence of such schemes is not surprising.

Interpol has evidence, though, but it’s all indirect and insignificant, except for the money trail. They believe that any action in the direction of Mzabuni can activate the process of destroying all evidence, including indirect – this can not be allowed.

Good hunting, 47.


Would have tried a few more things with BCs, or at least made this duck method tighter, but I keep getting buggyness where Charleston goes transparent and you can’t bump him any more after a few restarts (requiring the game to be reloaded to reset it).



The Big Om
PS4 ID: 2-10-2964976-94
Complications: No Pacifications, Only Headshots


Where is Jeff?
First Ever PZ Contract


I’m back baby, and here’s a nice easy one to warm up with:

Ken Morgan’s Repo Man (The Source): 1-16-7750934-02

TARGETS: Four, in the area out back.
COMPLICATIONS: Required Exit (Tuk-Tuk). That’s it. This one’s very easy and you’d want to leave via Tuk-Tuk anyway given the placement of targets.
NOTES: Watching out for cameras is the only tricky part here. The targets are very easy to kill stealthily in a nice steady flow.


only one starting location on the source still


I noticed you hadn’t been around for a while. Wrong pic. though (and ID :wink: )?


There are Colorado NPCs in the source.


Thanks, I haven’t been on yet and the ID looked weird. Maybe ‘The Source’ in the title was a decent clue. :joy:


And no intro cutscene. And no new complications. :man_facepalming::man_shrugging:


No intro cutscene’s the best part, to be honest!


I’m working on my masterpiece. It doesn’t really have to be done on The Source but I’ve been mucking around there as it has a particular feature that makes it a little easier to work with. Unfortunately my efforts have yielded no success in the most difficult part of the actual contract. Thankfully I can use saves on the main mission and I am tinkering with it.

In the meantime here’s a couple more that are… eh. They’re contracts.


You can bypass any of them so how is it better? Just spam the button and It’s the exact same thing. It just looks silly to go from target loading screen then suddenly you’re dropped in the map and the timer is already going.

This was also done with Hokkaido and starting in the suite. 47 would start standing up. Later they patched it starting with the cutscene and him laying in bed.


Made a contract too. Not a very hard puzzle but I like it as a start.
I tried to refrain using NPCs from the cult as they are so far away. Instead I focused on NPCs that are new around the starting area.

The Voyeur In The Crowd


Girl is near the outdoor bar, sitting next to a FE. The guy is arriving there around 1min.
My time is 1:33.

HITMAN2: Featured Contracts Submission Thread (Better use the other thread by Clemens!)

Too Much Porn At Night (Lol)
Bankok/ The Source
ID 2-16-0170930-08

@rattleshnake @immadummee47 @CHAOS_AGENT_45 @hitwoman47 @_AnoMade


ID: 1-16-9863633-41

RIP Jeff


Huh. Why all the contract IDs of The Source has the second number 16. If I remember right, from The Final Test to Situs Inversus, the second number of the IDs are ranged from 1 to 10. Where is 11 to 15?


Maybe they’re place-holders for the Season 2 Levels! :crazy_face:


Here are two Sapienza contracts :smiley:

Purification Park
PC: 1-03-4555396-18

PC: 1-03-1095197-18