OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


This is actually not very unlikely, although 11-15 are only five IDs, but Season 1 had 6 initial levels. Someone knows if IOI mentioned if Hokkaido was already worked on when Paris dropped?


What do you mean by new npc’s? Most of the people by the bar where you spawn, and by the loungers to the right are in the same positions as their original counterparts, except some of their models have changed. Not much has changed in the overall dynamic of Bangkok.


Too Much Porn at Night :58


Atleast the female target does not appear in C27 where she does in The Source. So you might be not right on that.


Oh no, I’m definitely wrong in that regard. They have added new npc’s. There is a pair sitting on a sofa 47’s left where you spawn. I was just pointing out how Josephine could be placed in any goddamn chair and that she’d have the same effect as the previous couple still sitting in that area.





Here’s a masamune run.


Watch what you eat.



Made it for the hell of it. Love to see videos of this thoe. :slight_smile:


My contract Red Flower, SA/SO fall accident/consumed poison/drowning


Here’s a contract that only works on The Source. Not sure which exit is faster.

The Vengeful Ghost of Jordan Cross (The Source): 1-16-6433035-02

TARGETS: Two guys on the recording studio penthouse landing, both with an electrocution.
COMPLICATIONS: Optional Time Limit (2:15), No Bodies Found, No Pacifications.
NOTES: The fact that this side of the hotel is less populated on The Source is the key to getting everything taken care of. Watch for red herrings. This one may be possible Suit Only; there’s just enough time, but you will need some shenanigans.


Chain of Competition

Club 27
Contract Description:
A contract with four targets, requiring the outfit of one target to eliminate the next. Each to be killed in a way that fits the worn disguise.
My first attempt at putting together a more challenging contract. Good luck and have fun trying it as well :slight_smile:


Here’s my run. A bit sloppy in places but I’m pretty happy with it! It’s what Yumi sushi chain should’ve been; 3 comsumed poison targets instead of 4.


I finally had a little look at ‘The Source’ last night. There were less than two pages of contracts on Xbox at the time (and about a page of playable ones).

I like the atmosphere on the map a lot; the Himmapan at night is great, as is the music. However… it seems such a small thing, but the lack of an intro sequence is really irritating in terms of timing runs and for multiple restarts (given the load times on console). The single start and smuggle points also feel like a missed chance to add extra depth and replay value.


I think we have to be realistic here, and understand that IO didn’t initially realize how important a robust Contracts Mode is and how much even slightly different maps (though I wouldn’t call the PZ maps “slightly” different, some aspects of them are wildly so) adds to replayability. Bonus maps were meant to be just that, and yet they’re often so different that it’s highly desirable to have them all available to us as contract creators; sure, there’s four different Sapienza maps, but we’d lose so much if The Icon and Landslide weren’t available as alternatives to World of Tomorrow in the same way we’ll gain quite a bit when (hopefully) The Author is enabled.

We already know Travis has taken a look at and discussed some of our previous suggestions about things like objective hierarchies and the like and brought them to people, and the fact that The Source is enabled at all shows they did respond to our complaints that the PZ maps wouldn’t be available and did what they could to get it ready for the Definitive Edition launch. It obviously wasn’t totally polished (see no start cutscene, etc.), but I’m glad they did it and while I would love more start or smuggle points (at least the smuggle points), I understand also that it might be unrealistic to expect that given past bonus map setups.

I think it’s unrealistic to expect them to add too much new stuff to each bonus map, at least the ones that have already been finished; it’d be lovely if they could, but I don’t know what the process is for putting those sorts of points on a map (though surely smuggle points can’t be that hard on a map with the same geometry?). It might be that adding start points is difficult without enabling them for the main bonus mission which they don’t intend to have things like alternate start points. Though the counterpoint to that is the Raven Suit Escalation has an entirely new entry point with animation so Well start point when pls?

Ideally, I hope in the future that if they make bonus missions they just allow all normal start points and smuggle points for the same map provided they continue to make sense on the variation of the map. If there’s a cafe start point that is closed on a night map then I can totally understand them removing that one, but at the very least keeping the Suit start points would be fantastic. I’m fine with stuff already in development or intended as bonus content to not have this stuff, I just want them to know that I definitely want Season 2 stuff to not make the same mistakes. In the meantime, I’m happy to see The Source even if it isn’t the most intriguing PZ map to me, and I’m glad they took steps to make it work.


My prior post was based on initial impressions rather than an in-depth critique of it being added in. Not really anything I disagree with in a very reasoned reply, and I do appreciate we’re very late in the cycle for this game (so anything extra now is a bonus).

That said, I’d rather new content be put out tight and complete, and not have that rushed feel about it if at all possible (especially, as you mention, as we’ve seen various examples of similar add-ins along the way). I want to play it, but I do think the lack of a cut scene is detrimental to the map’s potential/my playing of it long-term (as well as the limited starts + smuggles).

And I would hope IO have, at some point, realised how important this mode is to the longevity of the game, and why it should be treated well. I can’t think of many game modes – in recent memory - that have kept me this engaged for 2 ½ years. :wink:


Here is a post Contract I made that was just a test for me, but somehow got a ton of others playing it. Seriously look at the leaderboard. But, now I’m posting it here.

Clown kill



I think the title is self-explanatory. It’s an easy kill, one target. Have fun. :slight_smile:


Here’s a contract I made on The Source, not much thought were put into making the contract, but after making it, I played it a lot. Plenty of possibilities, especially after seeing @mungadungalis play it last night.

Name: Dang, Son!
ID: 3-16-9378820-24
Platform: Xbox One


Been a real long time since I’ve posted a contract, but I couldn’t resist making a contract for the Source. It’s a misleading contract in some ways, and all the little things you have to do to make it go right (at least the way I’m doing it) makes it a real pain in the ass, but a satisfying one as well.


@SANY-72Q’s 72Q Replacing:

Good Contract :slight_smile: