OLD Hitmanforum member contracts (use the new one for HITMAN 2!)


Made a bonus-mission contract series this afternoon, Blood Debts. Three parts on the nighttime maps, tells the sad story of a bitter man with too much money and anger.

Blood Debts #1: The Friend
ID 2-05-2229514-23
Map: The Icon

Blood Debts #2: The Lover
ID 2-16-3953792-23
Map: The Source

Blood Debts #3: The Brother [FINAL]
ID 2-07-6091502-23
Map: A House Built on Sand


Direction Drive-In
ID: 1-16-4908197-32
Map: The Source


Was wandering around the map, and remade this for Xbox along the way if anyone our side wants to give it a run. @Hardware



I’m on it, chief! 2020


@DarkReaper076 I apologize. I was playing this last night and got frustrated. I cursed your contract. I called it “garbage”. I called it “f*****g garbage”.
I apologize to you. I let my frustrations get the better of me. You didn’t deserve that. I will do better. I’m sorry.


:smile: Are you streaming tonight? On FIFA right now, but I might hop over and see how you get on. Not played it yet - looks cool though, and there’s not too far to travel to get to the targets. :wink:


No wucking forries @mungadungalis! I’ve slowly begun to realize that the contract has a lot of random headturing involved, so don’t feel bad about cursing it out. I plan to post my runs to “Oh Dang” and my contract soon.


This has a lot of random luck involved, wouldn’t waste your time with this one I made.


Re-created on Xbox - ID 3-08-8682626-48


Re-created on Xbox - 3-16-2140304-48


Where is she located?


@immadummee47 Immediately to the left of where you spawn, can’t miss her. She goes to sit down on the sofa with a dude who has a lady’s voice.


My contract Blood Debts #1: The Friend

Blood Debts #2: The Lover

Blood Debts #3: The Brother [FINAL]


HITMAN - Purification Park - (1:11)


Probably should have worked on it a bit longer; fun contract though.

@Urben @ScroobiusJib


Just remade The Voyeur In The Crowd (2-16-8276632-29)
And False Awakening(2-08-6361091-29)
For PS4
Courtesy of @Urben


PS4 ID: 2-02-0077487-94

Large Dosis
Bangkok, The Source
PS4 ID: 2-16-2302682-94

The Big Om
PS4 ID: 2-10-2964976-94

The Surgeon Nightmare
PS4 ID: 2-10-9486809-94




An interesting contract made by bluespy75.

Name: Kill Order: 1-06-2683734-75
ID: 1-06-2683734-75


[Hitman Chronicles] - Delayed to 2019-2020

Remade ‘Foxtrott’ (3-02-9397379-88).

Was going do more from that batch, however the connection to the servers seems dodgy (again) atm. :unamused: