On the 12th day of Freelancer, HITMAN III sent to me

On the 12th day of Freelancer, HITMAN sent to me…

Twelve targets drumming to the ICA Remote Micro Taser in Dalia’s flooded bathroom,

Eleven targets piping some chimney chute - Explosive Propane Flask in Sapienza,

Ten lords a-leaping off cliff in Isle of Sgàil with Jager 7 Lancer,

Nine targets dancing to propane flask - breaching charge,

Eight targets a-milking to lethal syringe Mk III,

Seven targets a-swimming via Remote CX Demo Block Mk II,

Six targets a-laying from Goldbrick Proximity Mine sedative gas,

Five ICA19 Silver… Goldballers !!!

Four calling targets to my Remote “Mixtape 47”,

Three Remote Explosive Rubber Ducky reskins (Mk XVII, Mk XVIII, Mk XIX),

Two breaching charges (well, now only one since HITMAN2016)…

And a Lockpick Mk III when a ICA Titanium Crowbar will do

plus * 47 hanging in a pear tree using combo of Helen’s fabulous blueberry muffins, three ICA Outstanding Performance Coins and a ICA Briefcase Mk III …*


Worst… singing… ever.

I loved it.