Onboarding suggestions from a new user

Hey everyone,

I’d like to make some suggestions for the forum, specifically around user onboarding. When I first joined the forum, I originally intended to create a suggestion for H2018 in #hitman-wishlist based on guidance from the official HITMAN discord server, however I never got round to it and decided to start looking around the forum itself.

When I first received a message from discobot, there was very little content that explained what to do, where to go, etc. So like any curious new member would do, I went to go and find a place to introduce myself. My intuition pointed me towards #general-discussion, as it seemed like the most fitting place to post my thread. Seemingly I had skipped over the introductions megathread as it was so far down the list in the default sorting method (latest first). I was later informed of this and felt kinda stupid for missing it (not realising at the time that it was barely visible). This to me seems like the first message you get should be a little more informative with some extra resources available.

Secondly, I believe the default homepage mode should be set to categories instead of latest. This is due to the fact that more organisation often makes a forum look cleaner to new users, with posts that have completely different uses being merged into one feed being pushed into new users’ faces by default not seeming favourable (in my opinion).

If anyone has any critique or comments regarding any of the points I’ve made, go for it.

Pointy yes i know it says dont sign your messages but i aint writing feedback like this and not signing it

I take it you haven’t seen the options in Interface yet?


Mods: https://www.hitmanforum.com/g/moderators/members

Admin: https://www.hitmanforum.com/u/jarbinger

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Sorry for not clarifying, I meant the default that is set for new users, I have already configured that option. Again, I don’t see clear documentation for new users as to where to look for those links you posted.

In the About page, where such links are normally found.

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A new user may not think to look at a page like that if they are new to the forum software?

Lol come on. The About page is the first thing you see when you scroll the navigation. So if a new user can’t find it then I don’t know.

It’s widely known that contacts are always found in About/Contacts etc.

If a new user wants to find it then tbey will find the info they’re looking for without any issues.

How else would you want it to be?

EDIT: Alright I’m dumb, I just saw the staff link in the message. Apologies.

When I first joined, I received a notification from the bot that mentioned some key links such as guidelines and user levels, none of which explained contact information. You can’t assume that a user will know where to go, it’s bad UX design.

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@discobot display help


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