One level, several worlds


Exemple, three sandbox joined by a transport: train, boat… Without download time .

Travel across a town by train.

Interest: by a discrete tracking, follow the target from one place to another by the subway.

Exemple with one or many target who visit New York by Night:

Time Square: hotel of the target could be here.

Little Italy: restaurant of the target…

Belvedere Castle of Central Park: during a show

Possibility to use: poison, precision rifle, accidents and many disguises

Let's talk about the HITMAN Release Details

Ha, “several words”. Something Expert never uses.


Are you proposing something like japanese missions from Silent Assassin, where you have a target only on the last map? What do you mean by “one mission”?


Looks to me he means something like the mission structure of C47 and SA. A bit of continuity between missions. I’m all for it. Continuity doesn’t mean there can’t be targets in each level. Look at Hong Kong missions in C47. Or the India missions in SA. Both are some of the best things the series can offer.


A semi-open world with one or many target. The yacht reached the islands without interruption. The same for the train. It was obvious for me…


Ok then…


I would love this aswell. It gives the target a higher profile, but we can’t have this structure in every mission, otherwise it would become repetitive. But yes I’m all in for this.


I am thinking no.

In my opinion, Hitman works best when the levels are very focused: the environments are carefully crafted, each object has a potential use, and every square foot feels important.

Your idea would certainly be interesting, but I do not think it would fit Hitman very well.


I like it, distinct settings within one mission leads to more replayability and a more interesting target. Instead of following a 5 minute routine endlessly or taking The Shower of Infinity, after x minutes the target moves from one setting to the other.

The level design challenge will be in creating incentive for the player to not just eliminate the target at the first setting. Here’s where multiple targets comes into play (e.g., target A moves from setting 1 to 2 to 3 over the course of 20 minutes; target B stays in setting 2 the entire time; target C moves from setting 3 to setting 1 over the course of 10 minutes). And then design in various pros/cons or challenges/rewards to tackling the different targets in the different settings. For instance, easier to make target A look like an accident in setting 1, but requires getting through very difficult security. Can kill both Targets A and B with one stone, as it were, when they meet each other at setting 2, but can’t make it look like an accident. Can get a $ bonus (diamonds briefcase) if you get to Target C in Setting 3 before he moves on to setting 1.


I wanna see if I have it right. Do you mean like, the entire map is an open world and each target has certain routes to go from place to place depending on the time and day and you can stalk and take him out in any of the various routes he travels. That kinda deal?


I feel like this is the logical extension of Hitman levels being seamless/uninterrupted by checkpoints. Of course being a single open world limits the amount of variety in geographical location, but cities themselves can be pretty varied and offer a lot of different stuff.

I suspect, however, that the hitman audience doesn’t actually want a wholly seamless “simulator” type game. Rather it seems like people want a balance: seamless self-contained environments within a level-based structure.


do you mean “yacht”?


How long would the train/ boat ride from one location to another take? I know Hitman is all about waiting for the perfect moment to strike, but a five minute train/boat ride to the next location only to learn that the target already left doesn’t sound that exciting.


The travel distance between the areas is important. If it only takes one minute then people are going to wonder why you can’t just walk there. If it takes too long it becomes boring. If it fades to black when 47 enters the train/boat it no longer feels like one big map but three separate ones.

Maybe one or two opportunities that allow you to kill the target on the train/boat would if. If they made the boat being enough it could even become it’s own area. So you can kill the target in the town, in the hotel on the island of the boat that connects the two.


A intermediate time between boredom and lack of time. Besides, you are not staying stationary on the train, on the boat, the bus, etc. The mission continue.

The possibility of sailing by yourself between the two cities with a sailing ship (Hideout) could be very appreciable …


I think this is the wrong idea for hitman. It would feel more like absolution again than what hitman is at its core. And that is going into one area, find and kill the target/s and leave. Travelling and waiting would make it boring. That’s why we have contracts mode. Ppl make story/series mission.

Watch this. I made this awhile ago where I make a story contract about 2 targets. But I start in one map, and travel to get to another. And use both night and day with voice audio as well to give it that real story feel.

So after all that travel and waiting and looking for your target, it could get boring for ppl. And that’s the last thing you wanna do for a video game. And I think that’s why we didn’t see elevators in this game. I think ppl would rather run up the stairs than wait in the elevator. Plus stairs give you the chance to run around or take other routes, like Paris and Bangkok where you have doors that lead elsewhere up and down the staircase.


That reads like a badly constructed, but hauntingly beautiful haiku.

I am moved to tears! :cry:


The elevator gives time to reflect, to temporize a complex and potentially fatal situation.

What I propose is a continuum in the activity (Pleasure boat, sailboat, train, bus etc…), so that there is no boredom. Knowing that the target is likely to borrow these same means of locomotion.

A multi sanbox world is maybe a best term than a semi open world.


What does that have to do with elevators?

Are you saying you also want swimming in this game?
Hitman doesn’t need jumping either so plz don’t suggest that. That is the the type of game hitman is. If you like these types of mechanics, go play games that have them. Games I suggest are assassins creed, Batman Arkham, metal gear.

Not every game has to be exactly the same.


Ok he has no need to jump, swim, or to use the bathroom. So I don’t suggest this last point.