One quick question about HITMAN 3

I owe, both parts of HITMAN on steam, but i want to buy third game on PS5, because my PC wont do with that game. Will i get some bonuses in it if i connect to my account in game?

We don’t know for sure yet but I don’t think so. Other than the IO Anniversary suits and the Deluxe Edition trilogy soundtrack ofc


HITMAN games are not crossplatform.
If you own all games on PC, you can’t transfer anything to consoles and vice versa.
Owning any game(s) on one platform won’t give access or bonuses or other stuff on any different platform.

If you want to have all games on all of three platforms, you should buy all three games on each platform.
And you have to play the game(s) from the very start on each platform. Nothing will be exchanged between platforms