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hitman 2017…

Why the fuck am even trying to replicate a perfect Silverballer replica when I can just buy a hammer from the store and have an identical cosplay.

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You care about atmosphere and stuff so youre dissapointed. Reasonable

Other people care about gameplay, so they like this unlock. Reasonable

Get what im saying?


Yes and I know I can’t have them all. But c’om on. A hammer?


@badeaguard new unique items come to those who wait for season 2, be patient and don’t expect too much for season one’s items. And as stated by @Pitman and @Urben, starting with a hammer can be useful for some runs.


Hammer provides New advantage. So again, people that care about gameplay like it.

I much rather have a hammer than a new gun that doesnt afd anything new.

Thats the point


wrong! crystal ball is suspicious too on every disguise. at least hammer is not suspicious on handymans


Maybe its the hardcore and nostalgic fan that is in me. I guess every one their one. But still for me a hammer is a stupid idea regardless of how useful it is for knock outs.
Besides, I understood that you can use it only dressed as a plummer. Then what about other missions? At this point the baton will do just fine.


Eh, at least hammers are fast knock out items. So I guess it’s good maybe because it’s not a suspicious item? So it’s technically better than the baton?


You use it as a regular unlock however you like.


Nothing to do with how hardcore a fan you are. More to do with playstyles.

I respect that. Just saying that i would feel the exact same way about a new pistol with no new uses.

You misunderstood


For the last time the Blackballer is not a reskin. Its the original weapon from this game. The first pistol you see in the first trailer, the first pistol you used in the alpha, the first pistol you used in the beta and the only pistol you see on all their promotional artwork, wallpaper.
And besides that is the only pistol that is part of 47 that represents the character like the barcode, the red tie, the black suit and the black gloves.
What if the Silverballer was never there in the past game and you kept seeing it in all the wallpapers and even the cover of the game?

The Blackballer is on the cover of this game, same as the briefcase.


@badeaguard The text on your profile says : Good things come to those who wait


The point @D1NGdong is trying to make is that blackballer is just a different looking gun compared to ICA 19 or Silverballer for ex.

It does nothing better nor worse,it just looks a little bit different.
It has no feature that would make it useful.


I know. But it is a feature that will make me happy to have it.


This is honestly one of the most terrible comparisons i’ve ever seen in this entire forum, and that’s saying something.

Not only you’re complaining about items that actually introduce new mechanics and ways of approaching a level (you do know this is a Hitman game, yes), you go out of your way to hide the actual inventory of Hitman 2016, while posting the entire arsenal of the other games. Intelectually dishonest as hell argument right there.

Let me give you a bit of help, since somehow you didn’t manage to unlock a single gun in the game. You should ask for refund, that’s a pretty big bug tbh

Basic math can tell you that it is very in line with the previous games. So it doesn’t only has a comparable arsenal of guns, it has items with some actual fucking use, instead of the collection of guns in previous games where less than half were actually useful.


@Danger_dog_guy_7 Oh you mean that ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But really, if only they’d add one more slot for the equipment, it wouldn’t be so weird.


i am actually glad it’s not another pistol or SMG or shotgun… i was thinking it might be a lead pipe (or a wrench until i was told how game breaking that would be), but i am fine with the hammer… like others have said, it adds something to our inventory that we haven’t had yet… a re-usable melee weapon that isn’t illegal to hold out in the open :sunglasses:


But you already have hammers lying around the map.
And yes, the comparison I made is not really the best. I was trying to ironize the game for most of its unnecessary unlocks.
If they really want to introduce new ways to approach the game, they should start to add human shield, the briefcase and some sedative bullets maybe. Not something you find in every corner of the map.


Not every route will go through a place that has hammers. In fact, KO items start being less the further you go on the season. The hammer opens the possibility of new routes.

Unnecessary unlocks? How are remote and proximity explosives unecessary? How is the breaching charge, literally one of the most useful items in the entire game, unnecessary? How is a audio distraction unecessary? How is a Lockpick unecessary? How is lethal poison unecessary?


I never used an explosive or an audio distraction device. Breach as well and I manage to do the Silent Assassin the hard way all by myself trying every possible route.
The lock pick is very necessary of course and lethal poison depends on your style.
For example the lethal poison is for me a very assassin way to approach a target and a very useful unlock. I was very disappointed about the animation.