Ongoing Season One Unlocks


Come on guys, We’ve already been promised an exciting announcement next month, what would people prefer IO spend resources implementing new items into S1 or focus on getting S2 up and running, the good thing to take from this is that they are actually giving us new monthly content to get stuck into and with the hope that we can use S1 items & weapons in S2 you’ll want all the equipment you can get plus the hammer is a multi-use item, think of all the possibilities :grin:


Yeah, they alerdy gaved us some “execiting announcement” which was a new silly item, or new featured contracts etc. Danish people got strange sence of humor you know. But in fact - it’s a time to show us SOMETHING new about S2. It’s about time IOI !


For years to come to be honest…


the hammer would be interesting if you could throw it with the pointy end for a lethal throw


I didn’t read the whole thread, but have you considered that the late removal of the Blackballer probably was a deliberate design descision? They didn’t want to mess with the original canonical version of 47 and his Silverballer too much, so they made a variation called the ICA19. The “Blackballer” would fuck too much with the source material. Thinking about it that way, I can appreciate the descision, even if it’s a cool gun.


All heavy, blunt weapons should have a lethal option. Keep the throw damage as blunt, but for melee assign a button prompt to “lethal” and one for “subdue” or something. By heavy I mean things like hammers, fire extinguishers, bricks and wrenches, not pop cans.


it would be nice to have an option to switch between lethal attacks/throws and non lethal. may overcomplicate the game a little though


This would work if there are two options when behind someone. One for knock out, one for kill. Knock him out by hitting with blunt part, kill by bashing the pointy part in someone’s head (like Blood Money). And ofcourse throwing knocks someone out.


maybe a system like Deus Ex where the same key is lethal/non lethal, then you just hold the key


Anyone think we’ll get another unlockable in October? (apologies if this has already been confirmed)


useful for knockouts from distance



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