Ongoing Season One Unlocks


You should replace the images on the right with ‘original/usefull content’


You are intentionally being very misleading here… You haven’t shown any of the guns from the recent games, which it does have a fair amount of. Also most hitman players (who are going for silent assassin,) will only use a few weapons (a silenced pistol and sniper maybe,) making most the weapons pretty useless in the grand scheme of things. The gadgets and extra tools in this game such as syringes, poisons, audio distractions, bombs, breaching charges, actually do add a lot to the game in my opinion.


…except the guns on the right are actually useless and the hammer fills a purpose that no other unlockable fills? I think you have it the wrong way round…


Did I say that? The guns on the right are more usefull than a lame hammer you can find in every mission, but if you say ‘more usefull content’ you talk about all the usefull stuff, including those guns, and it’s funnier.


@Danger_dog_guy_7 New version. Cheers IO. :tada::tada:


I appreciate IO still providing content and unlocks to us while still working on Season 2. Haven’t been playing too much of Hitman but these challenge packs are pretty cool, enjoyed the Hokkaido one so I’m looking forward to this one.

An update of progress on S2 would be quite nice though


Thank god it isn’t! The throw animation for the lead pipe is really slow lol… and it is suspicious… PS: Are yoy Adam from the twitter group?


i am that guy :smile::wink:


Tonfa and baton are illegal, this isn’t. Much better unlock than shitty pistol reskins.


I don’t know about you guys, but I would much rather have a “reskinned” pistol over another variation of a non lethal melee.

But that might be an unpopular opinion.


it’s the only legal knockout weapon you can bring with your loadout that doesn’t break in one hit. It has a actual use.


Well there seem to be 2 types of players. One that care about cosmetics / fun items. And one that solely care about gameplay for speedruns and stuff.

I personally wouldn’t care about a new pistol because we currently have everything covered= precise silenced pistol, full auto silenced pistol, loud pistol, not so accurate / powerful but super silent pistol and a concealable pistol.


I understand both of these gamers, one want weapons other want tools. But i don’t understand two things. Why we get a hammer, whichs don’t add any new value to gameplay since we got other non-lethal tools which works that same way - and instead i expected to get wrench which can be used to something diffrent than only throw/knock. When i sawed theme of new challlenge pack i was sure it will be that…

And second which i don’t understand is all these blind fools who want a “black baller”, which works thats same way as ICA19, have that same sound, mechanic, and looks almost that same. They even don’t see that diffrence between these weapons in game - without looking on image. But they WANT A BLACK BALLER!

You just make me think all about you, you’re just an idiot. It’s only a black pistol, which we alerdy got you fool!


Its not just a black pistol. Its 47’s black pistol marked with the logo and it looks cool and its unique like the Silverballer.
Or you don’t mind the Silverballer too?


And don’t call people idiots just because you don’t like something or find it non useful. Some of us just likes how things looks with out the need that it does something special.

And I’m very surprise about you calling people out idiots for liking a pistol with some drawings on it considering some time ago you had a website about Hitman with all the small details. Where did that idiot go?

Some items in this game does not need to be “useful” but just look good so you feel better. Does the Santa Claus suit makes you invisible to targets? Does the stealth suit with hat from Colorado makes you absorb more damage? I guess not but it looks nice and you just want to go around the map dressed like that.
Same goes for the Blackballer. I like how it looks and I am pissed its not in the game because it is 47’s signature weapon. I have the same reaction of the Blackballer like many had when there weren’t any gloves. Did you protest in some way when we didn’t have gloves? Are you an idiot now? Welcome to the club then.


Whatever the content schedule is, its just to stretch the gameplay and we have to agree that some of the unlocks are plain unfair and bullshit.

Best example is a crystal fucking breakable glass ball, at the end of marakesh’s pro level. I mean, seriously?

What happened to the time where the player can just pick whatever the fuck he wants and when he exits the stage, the items will be at the hideout or when the player (realistically) stores the weapon in crates in BM for future use.

For hardcore speed runners this might be a useful item since it can cut a few seconds and set a new record but still, its a pretty useless unlock.

And still ABSOLUTELY NOTHINGGGG about season 2 :rage:


Unfair? Unfair how lol

The baseball bat would have been a better example. The crystall ball actually opened up some routes. It’s more useful than the pistol and the sniper.

Would destroy loadout management, so good change.

So it might be useful but is useless? No, it opens up new routes, so it is useful and adds something to the gameplay. Unlike a new pistol skin.


But it does add new value. It opens up new routes by being able to start with a non-suspicious, unbreakable, non-lethal melee weapon.


But it looks stupid. That’s the point. Yes, it does all these things. But for such a game a similar unlock is pathetic.
If instead the hammer it was something like small balls that you trow at a NPC and it starts leaking smoke and he goes kaput, that would had been another story but only because it looked cool.

  1. Unfair because the work to reward ratio is not worth it. You’re playing on PRO mode in marakesh, all that time and effort just to get a glass ball that does ABSOLUTELY nothing.
  2. You said it opens new routes, what new routes, if you want a throw-able object, you have various items such as the baton, rubber ducky, gunpowder packet.
  3. Load out management was there in previous games as well, remember? Choosing your own weapons and items before every mission. Now, it’s just more formal and has individual slots for items and weapons.