Ongoing Season One Unlocks


It’s 47’s black pistol that adds ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to gameplay. Hammer would be useful, since it is actually unique both gameplay and model wise. And you can just not use/unlock it if you want


As i said before, people that care about cosmetics are dissapointed, fair enough. People that care about gameplay like this unlock. Also fair enough.

You would have been very happy if the unlock was the real blackballer. Yet for the people that care about gameplay that would have been a shitty unlock.

Different playstyles, different values


And it doesn’t have to. It looks cool! I want to look cool and professional going around with a marked pistol and not a hammer.
Is it that hard to understand?


Again, the crystal ball has proven to be more useful than the pistol, the sniper, the bat and the emetic syringe. So not sure why you name the crystal ball.

You would be able to start with a non lethal, non suspicous, unbreakable melee weapon. I’m not sure how you don’t understand how this opens up new routes.

This new game does it much better.


I’ve been think about this and I can’t figure out why a non-suspicious item is so important.
Is there really any routing or speed benefits in being able to keep it in your hands while roaming a map?

The baton isn’t found during a frisk so wouldn’t it be as useful as this hammer with the exception that you have to keep it in your inventory while running around in public?

I ask because I Honestly want to know :slightly_smiling_face:


I can agree on the above 2 points, since you’re a speed runner and have an entire channel dedicated to HITMAN, so you must know a lot about the game than me. But as a fan of the franchise and a casual hardcore player, i dont feel the need to spend soo much time on an item that’ll just help me complete the level a few seconds/minutes early. I love taking my time, with no help and hints.

But hey, every player and every play style is different :smiley:

Also, the new loadout system is not good, why should a few coins occupy the same space as a baton or a knife. A few selected items should be in the inventory by default.





Being able to start with coins without it taking an inventory slot would be way too OP


I guess I just have to wait for you or any of the other speedrunners to show of it’s uses then :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m just looking forward to completing the challenges and playing the new featured contracts!


It’s not like you have unlimited coins like in BM, you have 3 coins and depending on level and the knowledge of the level the coins may vary but its not OP.


I’m just going to say it now. I know I say that phrase a lot. Hue hue.

The hammer is basically a re-skin of the crystal ball. There are different ways to look at this. I look at it as a good thing, and a bad thing. Starting with the good first, and then moving onto the bad.

We can bring a legal, non-lethal weapon with us into the level, and unlike the crystal ball earned from Mastery Level 10 from Marrakesh; one of the most hated maps, the hammer won’t break and can be used an infinite amount of times… if it doesn’t clip through the floor when you drop it. Plus, Sapienza is one of the most loved maps, so what harm could that do?

You can also look at this as a bad thing. We’re basically getting another, useless (well, it actually is useful, but anyways) re-skin of an item in almost every map. First, the Masamune. Sure, some maps like Paris and Colorado didn’t have a katana, but is anyone going to actually consider the Masamune a katana? You’d rather be truthful and go by what the game calls it, a Masamune. Same with the hammer. You’re not going to do a “Hammer speedrun” with the unlockable, you’ll do it with an actual hammer on the map. Plus, the hammer is non-lethal, so what’s the point? You have bricks, crystal balls (that break), lead pipes, spaghetti cans, hm hm hm…

So yeah, two ways of looking at it. I see it as both ways, it’s cool to have an un-breakable version of the crystal ball, but there can be other things added. For example, maybe they could’ve added a new knife. Or even a new suit, just for showcasing.


hammer will be op, no doubt. but its totally wrong idea to give new unlock to players.
hammer is gonna burry baton, japan baton and crystal ball in history.

new unlocks shouldnt make useless previous unlocks, we are not playing RPG.



They should’ve only add the blackballer instead of the ICA19. Blackballer I can understand because the logo and all, but the ICA19 feels like a quick replacement.


Of course - maybe for orthodox speed runners that is something worth, but for rest of 90% players that it’s just a hammer. And they could give a Wrench, and that would be something new in eqiupment, and also will have the same value like hammer. Everyone would be happy (not including “suitcase”/ “blackballer”/ “duallballler”/ “i want new season”-malkontents)


I mean that how people are obsesed because of that small detail, and that is stupid. I also got few “request” for some of items, for example - why we got three that same shotguns with little mechanic diffrences instead of diffrent looks, or why we got few snipers who also looks similar. That could be three diffrent weapons.Could be, but IOI somethimes make silly decisions. But im not obsesed with that, im not yelling about this in every topic and forum or socials post.

You know what i mean? Im reading everywhere how people are dissapointed of this small, stupid detail. I understand your point, but c’mon - chill out, its just a small detail which you event don’t see in game, because how small it is.


Coins in HITMAN are far more useful and powerful than in BM, that’s a broken comparison.

Coins in HITMAN are arguably the most powerful/useful tools in the game. Being able to start with them without it costing an inventory slot is way, way, way, way, way too overpowered.


Proven? By whom? Lolololol.

If you’re a player like me who prefers no KO runs, the emetic syringe/s is/are far more useful than the crystal ball because the CB’s main purpose is to KO NPCs but you can’t use it on no KO runs but the ES helps you move NPCs out of the way. So wrong.

So what the heck are you talking about? Lol


There are always small, insignificant exceptions like yourself.

But let’s entertain you, you already had an emetic syringe before you unlocked the 2nd one. Sure, it means you can redirect 2 npc’s instead of 1, so there is use in that. But the crystal had new properties all together. And overall (as in, the majority of players) it’s been used alot more than 2 emetics.

Nope. Your example is very, very situational, whereas the CB can be used in far more scenarios.

I’m talking about items in HITMAN. You know, that game i know far more about than you :kissing_heart:


Funniest statement ever (bold part). Majority of players DONT find it useful at all, just like the hammer. Just because you make things true in your head, it doesn’t make it fact. Do a poll and see who find it useful and who don’t.
That will prove what’s fact with “majority” of players. Lol.

For me, yes, situational. For majority of players? Again, do a poll before making up numbers. Lol.


Go have a look at all the runs posted on hmf, count how many times the cb was used and how many times 2 emetic syringes were used. That´s right, the latter barely ever happens. So it´s actually a fair assumption.

The majority that still actively plays are contract players. So my statement obviously applied to them.

I´m not making up numbers. The cb can be useful in far, far more situations than 2 emetic syringes. That isn´t a made up number, that is a fact.