Ongoing Season One Unlocks


Wanna bet?

Edit: And if you didn’t say “in comparison”, you said OVERALL.
I get what you mean now.

Go electrocute Dino Bosco, then come talk to me. :joy:


I think a separate menu for curated featured contracts would be a good idea, partly because I feel the good ones are being lost in the sea of (usually) uninspired featureds we get every month.

That’s not to say all standard featureds are bad - but since a large part of the selection process is based on looking at it and none of the selection process is based on playing it, like curators do, there’s bound to be a lot of variety in terms of quality.


Like some people already said, it’s a great knockout weapon you have right in your inventory as soon as the level starts, and I like having a non-lethal weapon like a hammer or a wrench in my pocket, they’re basically the first thing/s I get when I start a level.
That aside, it’s freaking ridiculous. I expected something like a Flare Gun or an explosive Windup Turtle that walks in the direction 47 is facing and that either has a remote or keeps walking and explodes once it bumps into something (cars, doors, people, etc.), since our favorite plumbers like tossing fireballs and jump on said turtles who either walk in one direction and fall off cliffs (green) or walk back and forth (red).

The majority of players (most probably) haven’t even bothered to unlock it, just like the majority of players don’t use this forum or the Steam discussions.
I honestly despise people who say “The majority wants/thinks/likes/dislikes this, the majority wants/thinks/likes/dislikes that”. The majority just plays the damn game, nothing more, nothing less.

Or has anyone seen at least a tenth of the approximately 796,876 players in this forum or in the Steam discussions? If you take your time and count the people who bother posting here and on Steam, I can guarantee you that you might get close to 1,000, maybe 2,000, I’m feeling generous.
How is that the majority?
Hint: It’s not.

Whenever I see someone talking for or about the majority when it comes to liking things etc., my brain translates it to “This guy wants to make his opinion look important”.




Parroting. You know how that works, right? Also, maybe read the rest of the sentence.


What? The majority of the sentence?

Just busting your chops, bud. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And I’m not your bud, pal.


You need a much better translator than that brain of yours.


I guess I hit a nerve. Not sure if I should savor the moment or apologize.


Nah you didn´t, it was entertaining. Flawed, but entertaining.


I find it difficult to believe you.


Why? Because you think you landed a zinger?

All you did was post alot of bla bla about majority, while missing context. It’s flawed.

But if you believe that me calling you out on that is equal to you hitting a nerve, be my guest.




Now you’re really sounding upset.


Right. Was hoping for atleast something with substance. Guess that is just too much to ask of you.
Bored with you now, bye


I consider that pointless, in relation to you.


I´m just joking, please don’t involve me in this discussion/ fight or hit me. Make love (and play Hitman), not war!


We already said good bye to each other…


I found this in the town hall office, maybe related to this challenge pack, i don’t know.

47’s Fight with the Giants by Mårten Eskil Winge.


Okay so I read a few posts here regarding the hammer and thought you lot were pissing about.

Scrolls Up

Hammer unlock…

There’s many weapons in the game that we still haven’t been able to access into our inventory. If customisation is too hard at the moment. Do it old-school like contracts and silent assassin. Make multiple variants with silencers, without, dual versions and single.

I would be happy having a classic pack where they inserted the contracts and silent assassin weapons into HITMAN 2016.


Absolution has choices… and customisation.