Ongoing Season One Unlocks


So you too find absurd the hammer as an unlock?


Oh yeah, especially considering the fact there are in game weapons still unavailable to us to use in loadout. And cut weapons like the baller and the other awesome pistol.

Successors are meant to progress on their predecessors. Here there has been no progress in comparison to the older hitman games.


Is it so utopic for some to imagine that they hold back things for Season 2?


So weapons that are a over a year old used as “new” content in an effectively a “new game” (in terms of selling price)? Yeah no. New game, new content, not stuff we’ve had already.

Difference is with having SA/Contracts weapons into HITMAN means actual remastered new weapons for that series. Simply carrying back content made in the exact same game behind a S2 paywall is not good.

Insert Destiny 1 DLC here.


If that is the case it will make me really happy. But what happens if seasons 2 turns out to have crappy unlock as this season?
Do the folks at IOI even realize the disappointment of some fans?
How about these?


Even if they are in S2, it’s a failure because this is S1 content made during S1. This shows this content is held back behind a paywall if it appears in S2.

It’s fine having the same weapons in S2 but it’s marketed as a new experience, and with the price of a new game, so I expect a load of new contents worth of game in return, not S1 stuff that’s made years ago and dripfed,


I have been heard saying dumb shit like “HAMMER TIME” in many a Hitman video. I make my own fun.


Well you’re not much of a diverse player as many are. I like using all my gear to achieve SA. You just like guns, so of course you’re going to feel like many items are useless. It’s because you are a very 1 dimensional player. So what do you expect?

And I have to say at least 95% of items are awesome this season because I learned to utilize them to their fullest.


I’m not your pal, fwen!


Can’t say I am. I only use fiber wire and coins. Bricks, bottles and subduing a lot.
Gun’s only when I replay the mission and imagine in my head I’m in there and using guns.

I don’t care how useful the hammer can be. You already have lots in the map. Its a stupid thing to have as an unlock. October unlock will a nail and November a coffin at this point.

At least they could add a fucking Hitman logo in there to show “its personal” or “master crafted”


Fair enough, but another black pistol that we already have that will do nothing different like the black pistol we have now is an even dumber unlock.


Some old weapons may be not ingame because of design reasons. If the blackballer only looks differently compared to the ICA19, it makes sense to not release it with the regular ICA19. They might change attributes before release them. Same with this chrome sniper.
Also, which makes sense to me too, is that if the they keep the similar attributes they add other versions of standard loadouts each season. Like Blackballer, Fiberwire with wire (lol) or a little faster lockpick tool. Stuff which is too alike to the stuff we had at Paris to be released with it.
And yes, the two identical duckers we have seem opposite to this idea, but it makes sense to have both of them in some runs, yet it doesn’t to have both the Blackballer and ICA19 at the same time. That might be the reason we have them now.

While I am with you that keeping stuff back for the sole reason of earning money is evil, I doubt it is just because of that. I can imagine that they do that to even up the quality of episodes. For example imagine all unlocks from the last three episodes put in the first three, just because they existed in that time. (I guess this was even the case) What would you think then of Season 2 if the first one was only enjoyable in the first half?

Generally speaking, I am only guessing here. IO-I sadly is really quiet in such stuff and I dont like that. I lowered my expectations for content before S2 as a result in this. But I refuse to believe they want to troll us. Some get really emotional about this matter and you might benefit from putting that anger elsewere and discuss this more clear-headed.


Ya, exactly. It’s called BALANCE. Why people don’t understands this really boggles my mind.


That Black pistol is on the main cover of their game!

You see it here

You see it here too

You also see it in this pic very often lately

You see it in the very first trailer

Sapienza trailer

They have another nice wallpaper with it


And they had it in the beta…

How can you in your right mind keep promoting a game with the weapon on the main things, wallpapers, cover, toys, shirt’s merchandiser and not put it in the game? The Silverballer is part of 47 like the barcode, suit, baldness, etc.

I need Doctor Lafayette to understand this concept or can you explain to me why? How do you find this decision? Or is it more important a hammer for you?


I can’t believe how angry people are getting about a hammer being in this game :sweat_smile:

It’s weird how people can get so passionate about stuff like this hahah


Because it seems you have bought the whole first Season because of a gun?


There already plenty of guns in the map too.


You still didn’t answer the question. Just because it’s on the cover, other pics, vids and the beta, it still makes that pistol USELESS because we have the exact same one already designed slightly different whereas a hammer is totally new to our inventory and ACTUALLY affects gameplay (whether you agree with it or not).

I’m not questioning your immersive experience, because everyone has a right to have that and everyone experiences their immersion different, and in this case, this gun is part of your immersion, and that’s totally fine. But what I do have an issue with is not your immersion, but how you contradict yourself. Saying a hammer and other items are useless and a dumb reskin unlock, makes 0 sense when you want the exact same gun we already have.

How you are not realizing your own contradiction is what boggles my mind.



[shitton of previously posted images which only prove cosmetic differences]

sorry I stop now :smiley:


The silverballer is already in the game. The blackballer is already the game. You’re constantly whining about dumb tiny cosmetic differences.