Ongoing Season One Unlocks


None of them are in the game

@D1NGdong could be the Blackballer is useless as fuck. But its 47’s personal weapon and besides looking cool these are the reasons I want it.
How would you feel if you played all the game with the all different suits besides the icon one?
I like this game a lot for 47’s persona. I learned to play stealth because I like 47’s character. I started to play this game and loved it since 2001 with Codename 47.
The hammer as an unlock is a joke for such a game.


I’m talking about the season, I don’t mind having only a few weapons unlocked in the first episodes. But by the end of the season, which is the full price game, I expect to be able to play around with every weapon in that season… just like every other Hitman has allowed me to do at my will. Using S1 weapons as unlocks in S2 is like not being able to use weapons in Blood Money and having to wait for Absolution to use them.

I’m simply explaining how content has degraded in this HITMAN, especially since it has gone all episodic. During S1 there was one key player that had influence, Squeenix. Now that’s not the case, everything from here on out is IOI’s control. S1 is marketed as a full AAA game, so I should expect the full content from the price of that game, having to buy another AAA game to access content a year ago already available in missions, is a joke.

Season 1 has ended. All the content made within season is not available to us. You’re fighting AI, PvE needs no balance. We still don’t have access to the tutorial weapons LMAO :joy:

They should be accessible in loadout across the whole season.


Again, I’m not questioning your immersion. But to say “for such a game”? You do realize that 47 can use any item and utilize it? That’s why he is the best. He’ll make a ball of yarn into the worst death trap ever seen (wink wink IOI. New unlock for October lol)

So to say this game doesn’t need to have things like this is showing me that you really don’t know 47. 47 can do anything with anything. He’s not 1 dimensional.


Actually it hasn’t. We are still getting content. S1 is still alive and kicking.


All 6 marketed campaign missions have been released. S1 is done. This is bonus content added. All 6 campaign missions that contain all the weapons are still inaccessible in loadout.


But all these objects are already in every map there is no need to unlock every insignificant object just to show “47 can kill you with a toothpick”


@badeaguard I say replace the ICA19 with the blackballer. Best choice there is. Handles the same way as ICA19 and most people won’t notice the difference.


For someone that claims to know every difference between the Silverballer and the Blackballer, it’s awfully ironic to see you confusing the two.

That’s not the Blackballer.


Seaon 1 is still very active which suggests it is not over. It’s over when it’s inactive with any kind of activity. The season isn’t only about main maps. It’s also about contracts, escalations, ET’s, unlocks, challenge packs, etc. That’s why this game went episodic. So the season can be extended beyond its final map.

Anyone who buys the game now is still getting new content just like the ones that have been here since day 1.

Season 1 is still alive, live and active.


Instead it is. But since cost would be very high to have it all detailed they just kept the shape of it :wink: Smart ass


So these lame unlocks and randomly chosen (by IOI) contracts are an excuse to keep season 1 ‘alive’? Maybe they’re doing this because season 2 isn’t finished yet, and they don’t want the community to stop playing their game, but this is kinda getting pathetic. A unlockable item which you can easily find in every level? Yeah it’s usefull, but if you really wanna give us a tool, give us a wrench. Also, the player curated contracts are an example of IO giving someone the honor of picking the featureds so they (maybe?) can focus more on season 2.

It’s good and all IOI is trying their best to keep our attention and keeping the game alive. But this is getting a bit sad. I don’t blame them if they don’t release more content for season 1 just to focus on season 2. There are moments enough is enough.


The campaign is over, everything after is extra updates. Mainly player generated stuff. ET’s are done. Unlocks are effectively done from the start. Episodic has no influence on content updates, there are many games that have constant updates , but aren’t episodic (GTA) and many episodic games that aren’t updated after the episodes (Telltale).

Midnight Club LA had a DLC that extended its map. That wasn’t episodic. Episodic is an excuse to sell half made content, all while charging equivalent as a full AAA game without having to create the full production of the game.

Episodic allows content to be removed and replaced and dripfed to the consumer. create a fully working game without dripfeeding the consumer. If the developer has to resort to dripfeed content to keep players on their game, they have failed.

R* are doing this now. All the best vehicles get released 1 at a time on a tuesday. And they never even release one last week. Dripfeed the dripfeed. What developers don’t get is that I can simply play another game until actual worthy content comes out. Simple as that. I have no reason to play. Give me one.

The only tools are the ones defending the hammer :joy: :wink:


I think IOI put about as much effort into the featured contracts as they did changing 47’s health.


Maybe the “blackballer” is the first version created at the same time as the trailers, artworks and all others assets, and then ICA19 is the final version, no ?



Ever heard of season passes? Same thing. The season goes on as content comes out. This is all part of “season pass” thus meaning the season is still active.

Simple solution, if you’re not happy with the content or willing to wait for S2, stop playing s1. And if you have, complaining that S2 isn’t out now or even mentioned yet is moot because you don’t release and/or announce anything until things are solid. We don’t even know if S2 will even come out. It’s all a guessing game for us. But that’s how business works. You don’t say anything until you’re sure.

Episodic works for hitman because his game is all about replayability and learning new things. It’s not a story based game that you burned through once and move to the next game. Maybe that’s your issue. You ended the campaign and now you’re stuck playing nothing. As you see, there’s lots of players still playing and creating contracts. Of course that has nothing to do with the season but the content that IOI is releasing does.

And if you don’t like dripfeed, talk with your wallet. DONT BUY/PLAY THE GAME. All it is is hypocrisy if you complain about something that you are actually supporting. Smh.


Wow people are really upset about that hammer. This brings back memories about the heated discussions regarding the missing gloves. Good times….:grin:


I can also not deny that I have some fun about people getting angry for free stuff. :smiley:


Also here’s a leaked Season 2 screenshot. According to rumors this is the item you’re going to unlock after completing all Pro-Mode challenges of the first mission. :innocent:


Incorrect, these are and have always been called as monthly content schedules, nothing to do with seasonal content.

Allow me to quote

"The HITMAN SEASON FINALE arrives on October 31st!

In Episode 6: Hokkaido, Agent 47 will travel to Japan and must locate two targets in this climactic Season Finale."

Clearly states that the main episodes are the season start and finish. You’re getting confused with the season referring to seasonal covering a period of time. Season passes are no true to their name as they cover yearly content, which should have been included in the initial cost of the game anyways. Not a seasonal period only.

Already mentioned that I have little reason to return to the game at the moment. S2 is still a thing and is continuing from the obvious content releases and marketing for the game. The fact that developers tweet their enjoyment of the development and time working there also states that it is indeed still a thing. The Tweets regarding S2 from official Hitman Twitter still exist. A simple gathering of research point you to the answer. I never even mentioned or demanded the S2 release so I don’t know where you are running of onto a tangent for, I am simply discussing the current content we have in S1. All items and weapons existing in S1 are not available to us to select. Fact. This makes the content availability and player choice lesser in this game compared to the predecessors. Fact. Business has zero relevance to this unless they want to milk consumer money out of the weapons currently existing the game, the cut content weapons and of course the almighty suitcase. In this case they will earn money in return of losing consumer respect.

I’m extremely aware on what Hitman is all about. Episodic has no influence on replayability. All the older Hitmans had replayability, Fallout has it, GTA has it, For some, destiny has it, Borderlands has it. All of David Cage’s games has it, Until Dawn…Just Cause… Division…Hell even Black Ops 2 dabbled in multi path stories. Most open world sandboxes have the ability to replay the game in different ways. Are all these game episodic? Nope. If IOI released HITMAN with all 6 episodes, does that mean you can’t replay them? LOL No. Of course you can, even more so because you won’t be grinding and burning out a single level to bordem, you can change at will from day 1.

I’ve replayed the game multiple times, hence being the first in the world to 100% HITMAN so I’m very sure I have played the game more than once in many unique ways. Finding things out hidden away many times. Considering I found a lot of the main easter eggs, clearly shows, I didn’t simply “burned through once and move to the next game” I solved puzzles and riddles set by IOI. So you’re incorrect. Resulting to player made content to keep the game alive solely isn’t good at all.

I have many games to play in the meantime and will be back when there is stuff and content worthy to do. It’s impossible to know the shady content and lack of if :

  1. The company has made previous amazing content packed games.
  2. Have your trust.
  3. Cannot experience the game fully due to episodic because “more stuff may be coming later cause it’s episodic” nonsense.

I’ve noticed you fell for their marketing techniques to the point of defence, Squeenix did well then.


But you can play the game fully. Just wait for the damn full release lol. It literally changes nothing for people who want to “play fully” unless they are little entitled children that can’t wait until a game is out.