Ongoing Season One Unlocks


I didn’t know you work for IOI. That’s where I stop listening to ppl who assume everything.

And I don’t care what it says about he season finale. That’s just marketing bs. And It’s just talking about the main story. But the content is still there which makes the season still active. We still got ET’s way beyond Hokkaido.

Anywho. Conversation is going nowhere. You can complain all you want about dripfeed and whatnot. I’ll have fun with the game because I know how the game is intended to be played.


Might be getting a brick as an unlock in season 2. And a reskinned brick if you reach mastery level 20 in the pro mode of the final level.


Well we already got a baseball bat and a crystal ball. Something like a golden bricken as Pro Mode unlock wouldn’t be that surprising.:wink:


I’m gonna grab my hammer and head off to Hokkaido to Hammer "Nails"


Looks at loudout screen
Notices the lack of weapons that are currently available in the game (because you can use them duh)

Works at IOI

You yourself, yes you. Can actually go onto the game right this moment and look for yourself and if you noticed, which you don’t because I wouldn’t have to say this otherwise, that the weapons in the game do not equal to the weapons we can choose. Ta Da.

Wait. didn’t you just do that one post ago?

Yes you did. So I take it you don’t listen to yourself at all then. Might explain why you failed to notice that we don’t have the S1 weapons in our loadout.

In other words, I don’t care what the truth is, I will believe what I want to believe.

No we don’t. We have to purchase a whole new game for that.

Truth hurts. Facts are facts. And the evidence has been laid out over the course of the First Season, which has finished and you admitted to not accept. You fell for the ploys that game marketed. Enjoy playing content done months ago. I have new content to play :slight_smile:


Wtf are you talking about? Seriously. Do you not understand that we DONT have all seasons yet? So of course we are not going to have all gear yet. We are “progressing” through the game and as we do that, we get new gear. It’s quite simple and how you’re not understanding that is quite mind boggling.

Let me guess, you’re comparing gear from this game to older games, right? You mean the ones that are 1 game and not episodic + seasonal, right? You mean the games that had 0 on going live content all year round and beyond even after the full game has been released, right?

It’s clear you don’t know how this game is being released. Smh.


Im reading all these posts - i see people angry about stupid things. We’ve got great and well designed game, which we asked for from years - Hitman World of Assassination is an almost perfect Hitman game, so what could be wrong, why people are angry because of little details? And I’ve realised that it is because that game is almost perfect and because of this “almost” - people are nitpicking.

But also I’ve realised that IO Interactive made a mistake while designing that equipment system. They wanted to created something that could be flexible for adding future content like a rewards/bonuses etc. But they get lost in that and didn’t fully understand what they wanted. So we got now that deep shit with the equipment system. They wanted to give us new items, but they didn’t wan’t give too much because we are still waiting for Season 2 and 3, so they could go out of ideas. So we’re getting reskin of reskin the same items - because from one side they wanted to give us something but from other side they don’t wan’t to give us all.

And I think they’re fully aware of that problem, but at this point they can’t change that - because that requires a whole system redesign and they can’t do that. That could be done in the future for next season.

So what’s the problem? The problem is they could design a system with customization, so instead of giving us tons of the same weapons, we could have eg. one Agency Sniper Rifle and new addons like a suppresor, stock or barrel etc. And from other side - new skins for weapons without adding tons of new useless stuff. They could also instead of giving us three the same shotguns with a little differences - three differences shotguns, one with fast reload (Spas 12 for ex.), suppresor (SIX12 SD), better precision (Remmington 870) - as a “rare” weapons without customization, but with unique cool look (Great example is Krugermeier 2-2 from Bangkok or RS-15 from Colorado).

But they didn’t. And they get lost in their own design - adding tons of useless stuff. We got serious Hitman story with a great mechanic, but foolish toys which don’t belong to “real” Hitman. Great example is HWK 21 Covert with silly CSish skin. Seriously IOI? That could be a different model like Beretta 93R or Glock 23 etc.

Other thing is that they didn’t calculate that, and now are out of ideas. But they want to give us a new content, but also they can’t give us cool thing because they now trapped in theirs wrong decisions. So if there is something to change - they will probably show us in next season. Until then we need to handle with that, what we got.


No, its not. Its called the ICA for a reason same as the ICA Silverballer and ICA chrome 1911.
The ICA 19 for sure was added there to create some diversity from guns or maybe their intention was to have some ICA weapons and then other normal weapons.
Its really a shame that after a year and a half they keep showing it but have no intention to insert it in the game. And they won’t even answer why.


What’s more of a shame is that you’re still waiting for it. Let it go, dude. Let it go. lol.


How to enjoy the unlocks: Keep ur expectations low, and accept whatever it is.


I can’t… But I must at this point. I’m really hoping this time with season 2 it will start with it and the original Silverballer and the WA2000 and the R93 and the briefcase with a nice logo right in the middle.
Because now IOI is independent again.


The only thing I don’t like about the hammer is that it almost invalidates the baton and the tonfa (at least for Normal mode, wich is the most played anyway). Now we have 2 non-suspicious non-lethal melee objects to start a contract.


That’s exactly what I like about it lol, and it also has a faster front animation.


Not like that hasn´t happened before. Just look at the pistols, shotguns, smgs, snipers etc


We have S1 and its content done and we paid for it. S1 equals to a AAA price. The gear and weapons that are already in S1 is unavailable to us. How can you not understand this. I’m not expecting S2 weapons but weapons that we already are using in the 6 locations we have.

Your theory is that HITMAN 2016 as a whole game is made out of the seasons. That is not true looking at the price point they sold S1 at. AAA full retail price. (So for argument sake let’s say there’s 3 seasons to HITMAN 2016) £180 for one story and to have content that would be around using for years since the game came out… yeah no way.

They chose to sell S1 at a AAA full game price, therefore I will treat it as such and it doesn’t even have an ending (even more proof S2 is in the works). It doesn’t even allow us to have all the weapons the game has. All the other Hitman games do. S1 is sold at a price point of any other Triple A game, therefore the comparison of content is fair.

I’m talking about gear and weapons in HITMAN SEASON 1. For the third time. The blindness fanboy is strong with this one. Weapons we can pick up from the tutorial to Hokkiado. We should be able to use these and select from loadout as default. This would be a start.

The older games has loads of stuff to mess about with to add to the replayability. And you’re trying to compare generations. Silent Assassin, Contracts and Blood Money never had the ability to update and add more content, so they had to have enough content to warrant the price from Day 1. Now these days, they don’t and people like you try to defend it saying “I don’t care about the facts…” The fact is that the S1 weapons in the game are still not available to us, in which older games allow us to do.

They chose to price it at a value in comparison to Fallout, GTA, MGS. That one season equals to games of that standard. All these other AAA games are updated constantly too. All the other games asked for the same amount, and update free content. And has a finished story, and has replayability. And has features existing from their predecessors. Need any more reasons. Can’t wait to hear your excuse here.

It’s clear you don’t understand the industry and their marketing schemes to pay double or triple the money for content of a single game.


Holy shit, Hitman costs 180$ ?
Hilariously, your list of games is terrible for your points.

GTA V removed a fuckload of features from IV
So did Fallout 4 from new Vegas
Fallout 4 had no free content added


SMGs that we can start a level are pretty useless because of the low damage they have over distances. Pistols, I think the most affected is the HWK 21 Covert because it doesn’t offers anything else than extended magazine. Shotgun were deeply affected by the inclussion of one with suprresor. Snipers, Jaeger 7 base model is now out of comission thanks to Covert variant and Tiger has never being really useful for most cases.


Because you’re making things up. That how I don’t understand. All weapons are that are available, I have or can get if I unlock it. So again, wtf are you talking about? What invisible weapons are you seeing that I’m not?


If you want the full content of the game to have to pay over 60 quid for the full story.

You’re getting my points mixed up, I gave examples of games that are full and have content with a story from start to finish. Even other episodic games like Child of Light (I meant Life Is Strange), Most Telltale games, have a full story. Butt other equivalent AAA games charging the same amount contains a start middle and ending.

How am I? Here the first Assault rifle in the tutorial Fusil-G1. Can I equip it? Nope. Proof. This applies to many other already existing weapons that we can use during missions.


Unless there was more than one Child of Light, that was not an episodic game. The one from Ubisoft was not.