Ongoing Season One Unlocks


How can you equip items that are NOT from the ICA? Lmao. Now I know for a fact that you don’t know how THIS game works. Thanks for clearly that up.



Good shout, my bad. I typed the wrong game. I meant Life Is Strange lol.

The same way you did in the previous games, you carry them out the map with you and they now become available in your loadout. Have you not played another Hitman game? Clearly not.

Now I know why you were perma banned across 2+ other accounts.

Why not? Is it because the old games shit on the new ones because companies use shitty ways to scam consumers these days? Is it hard coping that the predecessors are rich in content and are the sole reason we become fans in the first place?

Learn to open your eyes from your blind fanyboyism.


Again, what does OTHER hitman games have to do with THIS game? Nothing. Stop living in the past. That’s not how THIS game works. And it’s much better this way. Why do you need an ak that you already have and do the exact same thing? Lol.
This game plays different from the other games.

No it’s because THIS game is DESIGNED differently. And you being stuck on old games doesn’t mean this game is wrong. And seriously, scam? They are scamming us cuz we don’t get a different looking gun that we already have? (Face palm)

I don’t have fanboyism. I’m just not complaining about things that are irrelevant and things that we already have.

And what’s funny is this:

Too funny. You’re just complaining now cuz you’re not playing hitman anymore. Go play other games and be happy until S2 is out. And as I said, if “fanboyism” is part of your vocabulary yet you’re still buying/playing the game, that’s called hypocrisy, you know?


Considering HITMAN has more content than any other single game in the series, that doesn’t make any sense whatosever.


The point is that the latest insert of HITMAN is lackluster in comparison to older Hitman games. Older Hitman games gave more player freedom and allowed us to have every weapon, SA allowed even debug items. Do explain how having less content, that exists but is retricted to the player is better than having the content accessed to us? I do not have a fusil, nor the different shotties or the other variants of rifles.

The game plays like Absolution actually since it is made from the same Glacier Engine. It’s mechanics are just redefined through the updated version but its framework is the same more or less. Ask anyone. This is still a Hitman game, it should follow the same freedoms as the others, providing it does not conflict with other mechanics. Having more content, that is already existing, only just available from the loadout, does not do this.

It’s designed the same way, based off the predecessors, the ones we truly enjoy as many have engaged with IOI after Absolution. It is just using a newer engine, the same engine that clearly provided us with dual wielding as well. They are scamming us because the price point is equal to a AAA game that has way more content, and has a complete story for you to experience. Even true episodic games allow the user to pay at max a full retail price for the complete story (all episodes). You get a cliffhanger here. Meaning you need to pay at least 2 full AAA prices for a single story, that’s if HITMAN is a 2 season story. Could be more.

You clearly do, trying to defend clear and concise points for discussing existing content in S1 and why it isn’t available in our loadouts, like how hitman has always been.

I suggest you play the older ones and understand its roots, where it came from, its mechanics and progressions to help it build up and make us become fans of the game.

I am talking about the S1 weapons that exist and are available, and why it isn’t possible to use them from loadout. This has been one of many core features hitman has had. That did nothing but give players more content to use when replaying the missions.

LOL I haven’t been playing after I 100% the game first. I come back to do ETs and now they are gone. I used to come back for any new content, hence me replying to this thread. But a hammer is not worth it lmao. You’re mindlessly defending the game when the clear faults are presented to you and your replies are “I don’t care” or “things that are irrelevant” if you don’t care, piss off then. But clearly you do, or you wouldn’t be replying. What about dual wield, hostages, peeking through locks. Let me guess “This Hitmans different…wa wa”. Change mechanics of the game changes the game slowly into something we were once a fan of.

Quite funny seeing fanboys still scrap together a defence.

Less weapons
Less missions
Less Environments
Story not finished
Less mechanics
Core Hitman features have gone
No customisation
No Hideout

But I mean player generated content makes up for all that… right?


Right. For me atleast.




Referring to content in this case subject. More content means more player creativity and run etc


That’s fair, I suppose - but rather than more weapons like the older games (which add very little new) H6 gets gadgets: lots and lots of them. The audio lures, breaching charges, keycard scramblers, all major gamechanging items that are new to the series. To that end I feel like H6 has more loadout content of any worth than all of the older games combined.

In terms of missions and environments… meh. I’d take 6 huge high-quality environments + their variants + the 2 smaller tutorial missions over, say, Blood Money’s, which were mostly bland imo - but that’s just me. I can see why people think the 6 main missions we have is not enough.

The whole story argument I disagree with, but that’s purely because I don’t mind too much about story in Hitman because it’s never actually been that good, but I do recall a pre-release interview in which IOI stated that each season would have its own complete story arc. The Soders thing… works, I guess? but it’s very limited in terms of what it seemed like we were getting.

A hideout has never mattered to me personally, and I only used the Blood Money one once or twice. I find that the individual safehouses in each map work much better for me. Customisation would be nice, but only if I can get a hot pink Baller.

idk. I think this game has much more content than the older games. Maybe it’s just me.


Less weapons (not really. It has a very similar number of weapons)
Less missions ( why should i give a shit about the number of crappy missions? A single location in HITMAN is like 3 or 4 fucking missions from the old games in one)
Less environments? Again, see how many different settings there are in each location.
The story is finished as any of the other games in the series
Every game in the series has had differences in the "core hitman features"
No hideout (why would i give a shit about a hideout with no actual gameplay purpose? That’s not content, that’s a place for people to jerk off all over their guns.

There is no single game in the series that gives you as much freedom as 2016.



People watch only on numbers, they don’t even care about quality of content. Blindly judge game by comparing to older titles, but looking only on things which game doesn’t have, don’t even try to see how many great new things have to offer.

That what im calling a “Stupidity”.

Pro tip for malcontents - if you arguing that current Hitman got small amount of locations, then go back play Absolution which got “tons” of them, and shout the fck up.


Exatly, half of them were terrible…


That’s preference. I think this game destroys every aspect of every other hitman game. And yet again, apples and oranges. Stop living in the past. Things change. And it has evolved to this. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it bad.

And that’s because the old games were not DESIGNED this way. They were complete when released. This has episodes and seasons that we PROGRESS through. Again, apple and oranges. You should realize the difference.

Because the game is DESIGNED that way. The game treats us as if we’re are visiting the map for the first time. So we only take gear offered by the ICA as that’s who we work for. We don’t need to go buy guns off the streets. The ICA provides everything. And that’s why we don’t have other guns in the game. We have our own eqivelent which is exactly the same as having them. Lol.

An AK is an AK. Who cares how it looks. You’re just talking about aesthetics. Completely irrelevant.

Says who? Lol. Again, things can change. Have you noticed how the SA rating has changed throughout the series? Same thing. Things change. And notice what “freedom” do you have now with approach with being rated? There’s only the SA rating and that’s it.

No it’s not. What other hitman game is designed episodically and with seasons? Now you’re talking nonsense, dude.

Scamming. Lmao. Too damn funny.

Again, and again and again, they are not ICA gear. 47 doesn’t need that crap. They have their own equivelent of each gun. You just want aesthetics. And again, who cares how old hitman games WERE. This isn’t 1982. We are in 2017 and things CAN and DID change. That’s why we have episodes and seasons. It’s called evolving. I’m guessing you don’t own a car but a horse and buggy, right. Lol.

I’ve played H:CN47 day 1. Played 2, played ab, played 6, went back to ab, played contracts and BM and now exclusively H6. Again, I can understand things can change. I’ve also played the assassins creed franchise from day 1. The game changed so much from ac1 to unity and syndicate. I understand games do that. You seem to be stuck on “how it was” and can’t accept change. I can’t do anything about that.

BECAUSE WE ALREADY HAVE EQUIVALENT WEAPONS. Lololololol. You just want aesthetics. And again, back to the “has had”. Stop living in the past. This isn’t 1982. Things have changed. Just like how this game ONLY has one rating. SA.

Because you’re not playing the game how it is DESIGNED. What do you expect? Lololol. 100%'ing the game isn’t paying the game how it is designed. It’s designed to be replayed over and over and over. Even if you get 100%, you don’t just stop. New gear gives you new way to complete the same missions you’ve completed many times before but in a different way. That’s what the masamune blade did. That’s why the hammer will do. It will open up routes for people that weren’t available before, regardless if you find it useless, it’s not useless for others. You do realize, not everyone will like everything, right? :roll_eyes:

Dual-wield. Garbage. Why? What does it do? It just gives you extra bullets. You don’t have 2 crosshairs on screen that you can control separately so having 2 guns in your hands TECHNICALLY means nothing.
Hostages? You mean freeing them or human shield? Either way, don’t care. This is a different hitman and human shield may come back. Who knows. But they didn’t SCAM you out of it. Lol.
Peeking though keyholes? What a bunch of garbage. What kind of doors are you peeking through that have these keyholes? Lololol. We are not in a 1908 castle with these doors. lol.

Well if you wanna complain about being stuck in the past, be my guest. I can’t help you there.


Haha, that is how people are blindly fool by nostalgia. They don’t even know what they wish, just complain just because “but in other Hitman games bla bla”. Nailed it.


I had fun with the challenges. They at least were a little bit harder than the Hokkaido ones since you could not pull them all off in one run.


Again. It doesn’t have to be useful. Not everything in this game needs to spare you an extra second so you are first on the board. They just need to look good. Stop searching for logic.

But serious question, have you ever played the past games?


Keep writing these informative posts hehe… I learn so much when I read your posts bra!


There is no logical reason why Square Enix, and not IOI, would have control over the guns and aesthetic design.


So why do you complain about us getting items that do nothing new?


I’ve played them all. Perhaps read previous posts. And I’m not only talking about usefulness, but not getting dual-wield is IOI scamming us? Lmao. That’s his logic.