Ongoing Season One Unlocks


Because a hammer is stupid. And when the fuck did I complain about item that don’t do nothing new?


A hammer is pretty stupid for an assassin to bring on a mission.
It kinda reminds me of that banana scene in scary movie…


Still much better than a pistol though


Don’t give them ideas!! :banana:

No, wait; making a banana would require doing some work rather than just regurgitating existing assets. Have fun unlocking the cowboy bust next month.


So if you were to kill some one you will take with you a hammer rather than a pistol. Logic

But why are you defending so much this unlock. Are you trying to gain the developers sympathy?


Because it is something new in our inventory that we can use right away. You want logic? Then why do you use coins? You can just go get any item in the map and toss it for a distraction. Why do you use the Fiber wire? You can just find a knife on the map slit their throats instead of garrotting them. Why do you need a pistol? You can just subdue a guard and take their gun from them.

Your logic is flawed and all you keep doing is contradicting yourself.


I’m not the one with the flawed logic my friend, you are.

How is this relevant? I already had several pistols, i did not have a non-suspicous, unbreakable, non-lethal melee to start with. Hence a hammer is much better for me than a new pistol.

Why are you attacking this unlock so much? I already explained it to you: If you care about mechanics the hammer is a great unlock.

Lol. Ask ANYBODY here on the forum that has ever seen my streams. If anything i’m the one giving them the most crap with complaints. Ask anyone. So no.


WA2000 is already in the game too as well, it just has a different name, because licenses for gun brands are very expensive.


Ok sorry, my bad. But c’om on. A hammer is just… not for this game. Its an assassin. Fans, players expect weapons that shoots, not utensils.

But that’s not the WA. Yet they used an airsoft model for the cinematic trailer.


@Fortheseven badeaguard can’t understand you, your position and your logic because he has a different playstyle and when he prepares a run, he doesn’t deal with the same questions as you.

@badeaguard We all understand your point, but IOI seem to be more in a mechanics logic here for this end of season, I think it’s better for everyone.

You really want to unlock the briefcase or your blackballer with a simple challenge pack, really ? I prefer to wait that 47 get those items in a outstanding cutscene during season 2, like a secret operative presents the look and all new high-tech features of the 47’s equipment in a secret basement of the ICA. Sound better ya ?


That sound better. I even like the idea. But it was better if they put it from the begging like in the beta


Yeah me too, with the same scene as Goldfinger but with a briefcase instead of a car :



Since a mass reply would have lead to a huge block of text. Much condense.



It’s more than hard numbers though, when I discuss for example less features, them particular features, they were part of Hitman and added nothing but more, optional methods to the game. Dual wielding, Hostages, holding crates/plates, looking through locks are nothing but optional, they may even provide useful in some cases. But more so has been detriment to the Hitman franchise over the generations. These features haven’t always existed from the start but as it progressed and got more popular and better (IMO), more and more features were added to the game, increasing optional playstyles.

This doesn’t take away anything from anyone, nor the game itself, considering it was weaved into the game and became accustom to have as a mechanic. The gadgets, are all fine and dandy, that doesn’t change anything but add to the game features and methods/playstyles. Replacing and/or removing features that were core of Hitman is very unwelcome because it does nothing but take away freedom and creativity. Duplicate items are really worthy to called content? Reskins? Meh. Up to you. When you get a Deagle or Dual Deagles, there are many mechanics that change along with it. Damage, ammo amount, reload time, ability to use hostage etc. If you, for example don’t care to use dual wield, you have that option, like predecessors have done in the past. That is the freedom I am talking about. The freedom that allows you do you and me do me without ever conflicting and enjoying the game.

If IOI added a bunch of items, weapons to use, lets say assault rifles. If all these rifles have the same damage, same ammo, ROF, reload times. Then other than personal preference and roleplaying, it’s not very free to be creative with. But diverse multi stats in weapons makes the whole difference, just like many games.

The level design is one of the things I applaud to HITMAN 2016 and I have said this many times. However, while they are amazing to experience and explore, especially on your first time, you will eventually know the map inside and out. And nothing changes. 12 environments was decent to have and would have been a lot more to do, I still find myself going back to the older Hitmans just because I can piss about more in there to my tastes. What the main issue that degraded the environments is the dripfeed episodic method. You get the level, but only that and you end up burning yourself out on it because there is no other content to explore or do. If multiple environments come out, you can explore and switch between them and not get so burned out, keeping each one fresher for longer IMO. Every other Hitman game, I complete just the story and kill them in whatever way I feel like, then I go back and explore all these levels,swapping through them and then SA and whatever else challenges to do/EEs. Episodic restricts the freedom to do that and leaves me grinding a singular map, to bordem, then rinse repeat.

I kinda… liked Absolution story because it made it a little fresh on 47, just it was down in the linear gameplay. But it doesn’t matter if the story is good or not, mainly the latter. I expect to have a conclusion for AAA price game. Not a To Be Continued… right after you pay us another Triple A game. (Disclosure: It’s unfair to solely assume IOI are going to make S2 priced at AAA game but I’m going of existing and current pricing rates for S1. If there’s a discount for existing S1 user, good but still shit because for the same price, other games finish their stories etc.) Soders while a little hatred to 47, wasn’t heard of across the board until Hokkaido, the main story arc of HITMAN is Providence and the Shadow Client. Which hasn’t come to a close in our full retail price game. If we ended Providence and Shadow Client then it lead to another arc setting up S2, better. But it’s the same story arc over effectively possible 2 AAA games… just like Destiny eurgh.

Correct it was near useless in BM and was meh in Contracts and SA. Which means it needed improvements. HITMAN should have had Alpha Protocol style safehouses across the world in different locations, all upgradable with currency (the in game kind) which would have made replayability more rewarding. Upgrades, with weapons, gadgets, gear, outfits, attachments, a firing range. A laptop to contact Diana for contracts.



Weapons: Incorrect also you’re forgetting weapons in general. Ammo types, variants, attachments, stats, upgrades. Not just hard numbers.

Environments: That’s subjective. I could come out and say “all but 1 mission in HITMAN are shit” which people may truly think. Which more choice, comes more chance you will have more missions you enjoy.
You pulled the quality card yet many features like wepons have lost their quality, cameras finally got it back and metal detectors don’t work. Features in the environment that worked previously.
There are more settings in predecessors though…

Story: No it’s not, Sergei we finished, the investigator that hunted us, we finished, the reporter and FBI wheels we finished, we saved Diana and the girl and killed Dexter Father and Son. Each finished at the end of our AAA price point. The Shadow Client and Providence? Nope still alive, more money please. If Shadow Client and Providence were killed by us. No issue there. We got nothing out of the story.

Features: Off the top of my head, SA/Contracts had dual wielding, holding objects and hideout, weapon ammo types/variants. BM had dual wielding, holding objects, hideouts, customisation, weapon ammo types and added improved climbing, hostages and throwing. H:A removed a lot of these mechanics and kept dual wielding, customisation, climbing, throwing and hostages. And added Point shooting, wall cover system and instinct. HITMAN has climbing, wall cover system, throwing and instinct. Notice the degrading of mechanics now I’ve had to break it down for you?

There is no reason to remove features that 47 could previously do and what creative freedom the player could achieve in previous games. Content extended playtime. Hence why developers add content to keep the game alive because same content gets stale over time and the audience moves onto newer things. Removing features is like removing content. Having stand offs in Sapienza with a hostage situation, backing up to a cliff or being able to stand in the IAGO Auction circle and dual wield your way round the chairs. Dress as a waiter and serve poisoned drinks. This is content that can be artificially made by the player if the mechanics were there to do so. These mechanics have previously existed within the core of Hitman and have been ripped out.

Hideout: I agree is previously has little purpose so that why we make it into one. Read my reply to Spodey regarding the hideout to help improve the hideout. You’re thinking of existing hideout, think ahead, think what it could be. And what mechanics Hitman has had in the past could do to HITMAN to improve it. All the mechanics I gave you, does not affect anything that currently sits within the game, only give the player more freedom and creativity to choose different ways to the situation before them.



Quantity and Quality actually. Simply questioning features that were in previous Hitman games is not more quality. Chucking graphics at the textures in return of less mechanics, story, content, is not quality. You see fanboy, you don’t fix what’s not broken. If you were around at the start, you would know the well deserved praise I give HITMAN on it’s clear positives. However, if there is no issue on that subject, why do I need to discuss that? I need to discuss and enquire on the missing core mechanics and content of the game that Hitman once was outstanding for. More so, what attracted me to the game as well.

It’s and I quote “Stupidity” to mindlessly defend a game that has many flaws, like all games, and try to uphold HITMAN as a perfect game when clearly it is not. Then throw insults rather than facts to try to block out the fair criticism towards the game. It is a fair analysis to compare the game to its predecessors because it is part of the franchise that follows the same rules to the IP and is created by the very same developers.

So what are these “new great things”? BTW.

Oh and FYI I actually do play absolution still. Ask @Danger_dog_guy_7

Indirect attitude is very immature and wimpy FYI. I’ve clearly and consistently listed everything. You must be new here. Facts speak for themselves. People know that facts and are open minded and not in white knight defence mode. Can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Simple.



Correct. But the facts of the game also show it has lost a lot of it previous mechanics and content. It’s not about my feelings at all. I’m stating the differences in the games and anyone can make their own decision. I for one, prefer more content for my money unlike some. So microtranscations, seasons passes, games split up into “seasons” to double the revenue for a single story arc is just “the times” now? “Things change” right? It has evolved into nickle and diming people, losing out of content that previously existed. Not on just HITMAN but to many AAA games these days. But just get with it right? Be happy with half the stuff you got these days lol. Prime example why the industry are getting away with it, you know what they are doing and simply acting like it;s normal lmao.

Correct. Games were complete because they had too. No patches existed back then, no content to be later added or removed. You get exactly what you pay for. Sure we can agree HITMAN as a story has not finished. However, the game is priced at the same amount that a full finished game costs and is designed and priced this way. They chose to split the game up into sections nicknamed seasons, dripfeeding. They also chose to sell each piece of the sections at a price of a full product. They knew the story as they made it, they know if the game is going to be split up into at least two seasons. Why, just like other episodic games, isn’t the price split up so by the full finish, that the last season of the story, amount to the equivalent to a full price game. No of course. Get with the times right?

This is no different to GTA making their own conversion rate for GTA$ or Destiny creating a “new game” using nothing but the exact same assets across the board. To make only one genuine product, and split it up into sections, and sell each piece at the same price as the full game. And you actually fall for it so much, you’ve ended up trying to defend them.

This is a fan forum, so the obvious bias for the game is going to be here. Go to a neutral forum. Squeenix or even better critic sites, Eurogamer, IGN. Where your Average Joe may reply and discuss their opinion. You will find a lot of the same opinions about the episodic and the overall value of the game. this doesn’t inflict you’re personal experience but an aggregate response to the game.

Correct. They purposely design the game so that we cannot take these weapons and have them as extra content. The game only treats us joining the map for the first time during Hokkaido, where we cannot carry anything, restricting you for that experience, in which you can open up at a later date. Here they shown that the restrictions can be taken away to allow us to be more free after we have mastered the level. There is no reason to not allow us access to these weapons after we have even mastered the level from a player experience side. Immersion can be toggled, simply by not equipping the weapon to have the first time experience again. Amazing I know. That is the great thing about options and player freedom in games. The ICA does not provide for everything, as far as I know, there isn’[t a shop nor currency that I can purchase new weapons and gear for 47. Weapons that from a development standpoint, are modelled and inserted into the game from the launching of the corresponding episodes.

Simply wanting to use an MP5 in Paris should not be off the books, especially in a game all about player freedom.

I’ll quote you “Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t make it bad.” See what blind fanboyism does to you. Creates hypocritical replies. It is not completely irrelevant just like have silenced and non silenced versions of weapons. Does it harm any other existing gameplay? Nope. Does it add artificial content to the game? Yes. only because you don’t like it, does not by all means make it irrelevant. I don’t like Escalations, I find them boring as hell, others do, it is content for them. This is good even though it doesn’t tickle my fancy.

Say player heuristic and consistency to the flow of the game ID. Take Metal Gear Survive. It has changed everything from Hideo Kojima’s vision yet has MGS IP on it. Does that mean it’s a true MGS game because it has the IP? No it doesn’t. GTA sold out and lost many of its core features in replace of its focus to the shark cards sales. The name is irrelevant. What comes with the name is the stuff we are a fan of and all that is identified under it’s IP. You go “I love Hitman because…” not because it’s called Hitman. The thing that change, change it’s identity and what the name gained an original reputation for. If you’re changing the features and removing previous core mechanics of the game you might as well be creating a whole IP.

Yes I have noticed, but it’s a visual change. As long as the ability to get SA rating is apparent in the game, it hasn’t taken anything away from the core features the Hitman is grounded on.

It is using the same engine as Absolution. It has very similar animations and interactions as Absolution. This has nothing to do with episodic. It could be made using Renderware and still be cut up into pieces sold at full value each time. That’s the marketing ploy. The episodic degraded the current content to be burned out through dripfeed. They priced the game at a full complete value. So are you accepting that the game is half done still at full price?

Yes and a lot of people know this from the average comments on sites.

Why not? Why is it crap? Because the AK is an AK in the game? The only reason the AK is the same as every other rifle is because it has less features and no ammo types and damage differences for majority of them leading to this issue as well that you’re trying to defend. It’s a fallacy to try to justify not to have content existing in the game. There were only 5 ICA weapons in BM. You then could take the rest with you to choose upon loadout. Player content to be creative with. These are only aesthetics because there is no features for weapons anymore other than perks. A lot of people care because the older games are what have brought the IP, the sole reason we are here now. HITMAN didn’t earn any of this reputation, it predecessors did. I bet WW2 veterans mean nothing to you as well right. They’re in the past, who cares about what they say. HITMAN wouldn’t have even existed if the great predecessors were so good and turned into a franchise.

The “times” doesn’t excuse for a shoddier game. Devolving you mean. Losing out on previous features and content does not in any way mean it’s “cool and hip”. You have been fooled by the marketing team.

Clearly you have a short attention span or amnesia since you have forgotten what the classic games offered in features, mechanics. You do know you’re supposed to add to the game and improve it in the successors not, remove its foundations. Changing things to accommodate the times doesn’t mean removing features. Changing the UI or layout, replacing animations for features or not having that feature in a particular mission is fine along as it is apparent in the game itself. Your example isn’t very good, Assassin’s creeds are based in huge gaps of times, you can’t expect to ride a horse in a modern Assassins Creed, or shoot a gun in BC 2000 Assassins Creed. Feature swap and change. But Hitman stays withing the same period era and should contain features that previous hitmans games have since these mechanics are and were possible to do. Both for a gameplay perspective and technical perspective.

The sole reason I’m “stuck on how it was” is because the games in the past are accomdating more gameplay mechanics than now. Simply improve and continue to add the mechanics that made up the game to what it was and all you have to want to go back is the environments, gameplay design and nostalgia. However at the current moment older games have features that HITMAN should have had. Nothing about accepting change. I clearly adapted to the game if I 100% the game.

Because the lack of weapon ammo. Stop running in circles.

Looks at leaderboard Rank 1 on HITMAN (not to brag) Gets told I don’t know how to play the game :joy:
To even 100% the game, you are required to replay the game consistently to achieve all challenges and tasks. Not to mention when you’re supposed to have you own playthroughs. You’re thinking of one playstyle, what a surprise. Be openminded and look at the game from all aspects of playthroughs. You just said it yourself the weapons aren’t useless for everyone because you can’t be creative with them.

Because it is part of Agent 47. Why have a barcode, it doesn’t do anything. Why have gloves they don’t actually do anything. See how stupid you sound right now? Possibly you’re trolling like you have in the past who knows. You already contradicted yourself because the double ammo makes a difference, the double damage makes a difference. And a human shield, you know like the last two predecessors did. You don’t have to care, but you do, or you wouldn’t be replying. And if you really didn’t care, you would have contradicted yourself again because none of this affects you so your relevance to this subject is neutral when by your clear tone of your replies are negative toward these previously made content. No this is still apart of the exact same franchise that C47 started and grew. Making half a story and removing features, some that are apart of 47 iconic design, then charging you equivalent for a game that had all these features, is a scam. You’re happy to bend over.


Yet you still buy and play it. So that makes you a hypocrite, right? :man_shrugging:



You clearly have nothing to say then. Facts always win.

It’s impossible to know the content amount due to episodic releases, and previous trust.

Same applies to R*. There’s zero ways to know the shady tactics upon release. Especially when the companies have made timeless classic games that stand out so much to make you a fan. So there is usually no question on if the next game is going to be great if they have previously made games that win you over each time.

Guess you’ve never paid on release. Or remember anything the industry created in the past hence your blindness. You should refresh yourself. Marketing ploy.


Ok, you win, hypocrite. :v:


Certainly more than that Katana.


I have noticed that these days I play HITMAN loadouts for certain moods:

The Professional - Sniper rifles, pistols.
The Specialist - Explosives
Poison Assassin - 2 x Lethal Poison Syringe, Poison Vial

and so on…

Also I have thought that on occasions where you can start as a Crew man or Repairman, that 47 having the hammer to start makes sense.


The advantage of the katana is that you can use it for making contracts.


Because I suspect you guys are going to keep going on about this well past September.