OP or Convenient?

I created this contract called Party Gone Wrong few months ago.
here is the contact ID 1-12-0210311-36

It took me 14 mins to complete the contract after creating it.
2 more people completed it after me with taking much less time than me.
it was very tricky to get the right timing that was the reason it took this much time to complete the mission.
only 2 people have done it besides me. I have no idea if anyone else has even attempted it.
if they have they could not complete it, I guess. or maybe because it is only available on PC.

It had 3 targets.
1st to be killed in explosion accident. (was easy kill)
2nd to be killed as drowning accident.(extremely annoying and tricky to get the right timing)
3rd to be killed as electrocution accident.(was a bit tricky, easy if aware of the surroundings)
there was no other annoying complication besides do not get spotted and that was also optional.
so you would not fail the mission if you mess something up, in that case you will not get silent assassin ranking.

earlier IOI added electrocution phone, people said it was OP, yeah! Ok! whatever.
now they added emetic grenade.
So I decided to revisit my contract using said equipment. and I was not surprised as it took me 2 mins and 17 seconds to complete it.

OP or Convenient?

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Howdy, please post any contracts to the Contract thread rather than giving it its own thread, otherwise this place would become quite crammed!

Thank you for guiding me with this.
but my motive here is to ask people there opinion on recently added tools and not promote my contract
which I have already done in the topic you have suggested. I just used my contract as a reference to ask their opinions.

In that case there’s a thread dedicated to whether items are OP or not, and how they could or should be modified:

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Emetic grenade is a good example of convenience. Phone isn’t

Didn’t even know there was an emetic grenade, the electric phone though is OP and shouldn’t have been put in the game to begin with.

I wouldn’t go that far. Just make it not an accident kill