Operation: Requiem issue

This is the most convoluted and confusing forum I have ever been on in my life,which is why I rarely ever post.
The people & atmosphere are great.,…but trying to find a specific topic is maddening & I apologize for posting in the inappropriate spot(if I am.)
I am looking for help on a fan-made contract named; Operation: Requiem I could not find any vids on YouTube or any info anywhere on the internet on this mission.
I am desperately trying to find the target Yuki Yamazaki & I noticed that if you do not eliminate her in the beginning of the mission,she will flee to an area on the map that appears to be far outside the mission area(according to the telltale mini map)…I’ve spent DAYS trying to locate her & I have combed every inch of the mission area.My playing style has always been to eliminate most or all of the guards,before I try to take out a heavily guarded target…which is why I have been stuck on this mission for so long.The area that this target flees to,appears to be miles away from the mission area…but I noticed that the skylift seems to be on route to where she is on the map.None of this makes any sense…could use some insight into this,please.

If she gets freaked out she essentially leaves the playable area of the map. She gets on the skylift and unless you manage to shoot it down or snipe her before it gets out of range, she’s pretty much unreachable.

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I figured as much…so I re-started the mission & sought her out first.Soon as I saw her from a distance,I plugged her in the head and hauled ass,before the guards got a chance to gang up on me. :smiling_imp:

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I just found a dedicated thread for this kind of question: