Opinions On Vogt?


I’d ok here. I don’t like SE and I’ve boycotted any extra accounts ever since they added account restriction to FF8. Facebook or SE account to play a game badly ported from PS1? They can shove it :stuck_out_tongue:


God I hope IO-I reads this thread and every post


These things are pretty irrelevant to the game and Hitman. I don’t see why IOI needs to mention or deal with “sharia law” in any capacity. And what is wrong with not having a bunch of “patriotic” Americans? The American level dealt with American and international terrorists. Do you think we are all chest bumping MURICA shouting patriots?

Edited to add this:

Also there’s 6 main missions with 14 main targets. Only 1 of 14 in the entire list is inherently political. And guess where his politics lie? Sean Rose was raised as an extremist Marxist, a leftist terrorist. He’s literally the only character with explicit politics.


You left out the bonus missions, which doesn’t seem fair. Marco Abiatti is very right wing, highly political (his name is the politician) and is an absolute arsehole.


Don’t get much more political than General Reza Zaydan who tried to start riots to organize a coup and install himself as the dictator of Morocco.


I think you’re right and it’s fair to mention Abbiati. But I think it matters that Abbiati’s politics had nothing to do with why he was a target. He was a crooked politician. He could have easily been a caricature of a socialist candidate.

Sean Rose’s terrorist actions on the other hand are inherently political and they are influenced by his radical Marxist ideologies.

That is not inherently right leaning or left leaning. A military coup can go either way.


Sean Rose is not a target because of his Marxism, he’s a target because he’s part of the shadow client’s militia. Again, he could’ve just as easily been a white supremacist.


I very much disagree. The motivations of the shadow client and Sean Rose matter. Sean Rose isn’t just some random subordinate of the Shadow Client. We learn that Rose has been a major player in global terrorism. He believes that civilization is wrong and he wants a primitive culture to return. This is all in the wiki and I don’t want to quote a bunch of it.

The Shadow Client is also targeting the global elite, the Illiuminati styled group Providence, but for different reasons.

Sean Rose, who Diana tells us has a different MO than the Shadow Client, gets together with the shadow client to wage his personal war.

A white supremacist wouldn’t care about this shit.


Sean Rose is that racist guy who swears about every person from another race when he is with friends but when he walks home alone from his ‘bad guy’ job and meets a group of, let’s say, black boys he get’s beaten up like a little puss and then he lies there crying like a baby.

And yes ladies and gentlemen, that’s another bad thing about the game. All targets exept for Sarajevo Six guy Patrick Morgan is a big pussy. For example: Reza the general, Dalia the IAGO ring leader, Sean Rose the terrorist, Marco Abiatti the mafia mayor; they all piss their pants when you point a gun at them. These are supposed to be powerfull, dangerous people but they can’t even protect themselfs. Come on man. Reza could have a desert eagle, Dalia a little revolver tied to the leg, Sean a gun like Mark Parchezzi had, Marco a colt python. Just some thoughts, but at least give them guns. Wtf man.

I like the game, as it seems sometimes, I don’t hate it. But when you think about it, the game is enjoyable, but so so soooooo much is missing. :confused:


A white supremacist could easily care about this: he could think Providence are trying to bring around a world that favours those besides himself, and he wants to stop them. The point remains that didn’t have to be a Marxist bomber, it could’ve been a white supremacist bomber.


Wanting to take over a nation is pretty political. Has nothing to do with what direction he swings.


I was replying to a comment about left/right leaning politics in the game’s writing. That’s why it matters that we don’t know what direction he swings.


I hears ya. I was only looking at your comment when I replied


Despite the Bond vibe the story is amazing imo. I’m really curious to know which people from Shadow Client’s militia we’ll be taking out and which locations we will visit. Maybe we will kill Olivia Hall in New York. And then finishing off the entire team of leaders of the militia, and then firing a shot right at Providence leader’s face :smiley:


Usually the phrase “I’m not trying to be political, but…” is followed with something immensely political. So, well done, you’ve found a way to politicise a game which is actually pretty apolitical in the scheme of things. To boot, you’re getting very easily offended by the most marginal, subtle of references to Presidential candidates and voice actors, and that’s just hilarious.

To start with, let’s go over a handful of the villains in the game and break down how they are apparently right-wing:

Viktor Novikov - Head of a Spy Ring and owner of a fashion label. Sells information that leads to the deaths of many people across the world. Is an asshole and a bully to his staff. Hires assassins to kill FSB section chiefs investigating him. How is that a depiction of a right wing person? Unless “morally bankrupt scumbag” = right wing, in which case that’s pretty damning.

Silvio Caruso - Genius bioengineer, made socially unstable due to years of abuse from his mother as a child. Don’t see anything right wing there.

Sean Rose - Anarchist Terrorist, grew up a member of a radical Marxist cult.

Maya Parvati - Literally a member of a revolutionary socialist group.

The only target in the game who is overtly right wing is Marco Abbiati.

Wow… I thought it was lefties who were the easily offended special snowflakes. If that upsets you then I don’t know what to say. The reason Donald Trump is a laughing stock is not because he’s right wing, it’s because he’s a complete and utter joke. That reference was the least offensive thing in the world.

For starters, the voice actor for Dino Bosco is William Mapother - AKA the guy who replaced David Bateson initially in Absolution. It was a funny little reference, nothing more - And you see it as a personal slight against you or the fanbase. You’re paranoid - IO are very kind to their fans.

…Is that really something to aspire towards? 2edgy4me racism? I can’t believe you are offended by a reference in the game to David Bateson but you want to see people using racist slurs. Your priorities are bonkers. Are you also annoyed we evolved past thinking blackface was a good idea too?


The ONE story element I am pissed off about and I think the ball was really dropped is the conclusion of Club 27.

The fact that Thomas Cross was killed ruins a HUGE season two opportunity. Just listen to how his home was described:

A private island swarming with security.

That SCREAMS Hitman level! He coulda been a contract contenda!


Maybe he’s got a twin brother named Aiden Cross who moves in. And they’ll reveal both Thomas and Aiden were douchey clones.



I need Gary Busey to really be an indestructible robot man who survived the Elusive Target mission in Sapienza. I don’t care how much people complain about this game being goofy, I NEED THAT!


HITMAN is my first Hitman game, and I’ve been debating playing the older titles.

Since I already have the prerequisite amount of being bad at stealth, this seals the deal–Absolution is the game for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You’ll be very disappointed - They’re barely in it and are pretty much useless.