Optional/elusive targets within the main missions

Hello everyone,

Would you be interested in a mode having optional/elusive targets randomly appearing while trying to complete any of the existing main missions? Similar to the optional targets in Blood Money’s mission Flatline.

You could choose to play any main missions the regular way or having the option for extra target(s) to appear. Those extra targets wouldn’t be necessary to complete the mission as the main goal would still be to kill the main targets.

For instance, you could be in Sapienza, trying to deal with Silvio Caruso & Francesca De Santis, then Diana informs you that an elusive/optional target(s) is around for 30mn or the whole time. These extra targets could be previously released elusive targets (like the prince in Sapienza) or someone new.

The point is to be able to play a main mission and have the option to deal with additional targets that are roaming underutilized areas of the map.

There needs to be enough different extra targets per mission to randomly rotate among them to keep things fresh on replays.

This mode wouldn’t be popular among speed runners and those who don’t like having more than 2 targets per map.

But for anyone else this could be an interesting idea to spice things up in existing locations that we’ve all beaten to death.

Thoughts? Suggestions to enhance that idea?

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I can imagine this being very difficult to implement but could have some potentially very fun outcomes…

I suppose your random target could be just any npc on the map, with or without kill conditions attached.

You could even see if there’s a way to get the elusive targets into it, but I image that would be an incredible amount of work to get it happen. I would also be constantly tempted to restart to get the one I wanted! And I would miss the intro video…

I like the idea of starting a map and it being a random target you only find out once your in… as you say it adds that level of replayability.


It’s been a while but when you play an elusive target…aren’t the regular targets from the main missions still there in the map?

Implementing elusive targets within a main mission is basically like flipping sides, right? Can’t be that difficult. I don’t have enough knowledge in programming to know whether or not it’s extremely difficult to add.

Would be cool to play Paris (The Showstopper) and as you deal with Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis, random previously released elusive targets (like the chef or the sensation) appear for a limited time. Those random elusive targets need to appear in rotation every time you replay the map.

Otherwise your NPC idea sounds like the simplest thing to implement. I like that.

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Or you could go the assassins creed route and avenge another player by assassinating their killer, wouldn’t make sense, but could be cool :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think the main missions have a major benefit in being more designed, and this kinda thing is best left sequestered to contracts mode, but that’s just me.

A great idea that’s already been suggested in the past :+1:

Adding a random NPC target within main missions not only would add a new layer of replayability, but it will also give a new palette of challenges to the players on all the maps :hugs:

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Yeah this would make sense especially for people like us who’ve been playing the games to death and want something fresh in old levels.

After transferring my progresses from H2 to H3, all mission stories had to be redone. It was a bit of a chore to redo stuff from H1 as I know the game like the back of my hand.

After all, I’m the psycho who spent a billion hours doing the 47 posing with his targets shots.


Seems like an interesting idea to me. I’m all for it if it were to ever happen :smiley:

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I believe what has been discussed is a mode where an existing map is used but the target and routines are generated procedurally… Each time a mission is generated it is totally new.

I cannot find the tweet or article though.


I’m loving the sound of that. I know speedrunners don’t like anything random but I’m not a speedrunner (although I can truly appreciate what they do). I like random events for games like Hitman. That would add tons of replayability and old levels would always feel new and exciting.

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