Order of operations

Hey guys, just picked up H2 on a PS4 sale and started messing around checking off feats in Nightcall, which is where the game automatically dumped me on first launch. Then I found the actual menu, and the prologue (maybe where the game should have put one from the jump, I’d think…) so I’ve done a bunch of that. Then I decided to grab the H2016 GOTY for the extra missions because it’s super cheap. I haven’t downloaded that yet, so I still have to sort out how it integrates with H2, but that’s a different topic.

The real question here is this. What do you guys recommend for the order of playing things? Play through the H2016 storyline first before moving into H2? Doesn’t matter? Specific missions to do first for various reasons? I’ve been gaming for a long time, and admittedly haven’t put much time into this yet, but the menu layout and story progression seems kind of confusing at the outset.

H2 is a direct sequel to H2016

Play through the H2016 missions first, starting with the ICA facility and ending with Hokkaido.

Then pick up again in Hawkes Bay to begin the H2 story.

When you are finished you can go back and complete more challenges. If you like the game, you might consider the expansion pass, which adds 2 more sniper maps and 2 more traditional missions that continue the story and set it up for H3

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Thanks for the info. The expansion pass, currently, is full retail at 40 bones, so I’ll pass on that for the time being. Still have a lot to figure out here with all that there is to do, not the least of which is sorting out the menu, mission stories, etc. And my OG Hitman instinct is to try and sort out how to do everything SO straight away, so I’ll be at this for awhile. Hopefully the expansion pass will be on a super sale at some point in the process.