Origin of the Hitman logo?

What’s the origin or inspiration for the Hitman logo? Is it a variation of an existing logo anywhere?

I’ve read somewhere (in this forum most likely) that it’s the “H” from “Hitman” with some fancy artistic elements, assuming this is the logo you mean.

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I think I’ve read that it’s a heavily stylised fleur de lis. It also does look a fair bit like an H.

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The fleur de lis represents Ort Meyer labs in Codename 47. We first get to see 47 use it as his own logo in Silent Assasin. Dunno about origin.

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I swear there’s a picture of how the fluer de lis is distorted to get a hitman logo in the archives.

Ah yes, found it.


Its a stylized Flower, a lily.

Is everyone just guessing does anyone know 100% or is the origin unknown?

It is indeed the lily flower (fleur de lis en français) having been stylised. Its significance is that lilies are usually brought out for funerals, a reference to Agent 47’s profession.

It’s also on the gate of the asylum he was made in but I think that’s just an easter egg much like the logos that can be seen on the windows of the church at Gontranno, Palermo, Sicily.


Good to know thanks, they did change it an awful lot though.

No doubt in my mind, it’s an H :smiley:

H comes in all shapes and sizes

A few examples:

Hitman original logo (just to avoid confusion :smiley:)

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Maybe it’s a mix of the two either way it’s a cool looking logo.


What’s the story behind it? Is there even any story behind it? Is it just 47’s or ICA’s? Why does it keep reappearing throughout the games since C47? I don’t know maybe it was expanded upon in some novel I didn’t read or something, that’s why I’m asking you guys.

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Shhhhh… What is written in the Novels or told in the movies is just a bunch of non existing crap that should be ignored.
The true and official things about Hitman comes from games.

Now, it was posted on this forum the same question some years back. And a member at IO Interactive told us that its a "Fleur De Lis Symbol"
I don’t know for what reason I find inspiration when looking at it. Like art. Like one of the most beautiful things I ever saw. I had this feeling since I first saw it on the installation screen in Hitman Codename 47.

The story remains unknown but we know for sure its not ICA but Ort Meyer’s because it was on the gate of the Asylum. What it means we have no idea. But this is a subject I so much want to know.
As for now it remains 47 personal symbol. You see the logo on almost all his possession like the Silverballers, briefcase, in H2 it was on the laptop, on the tie pin from Absolution, in one wallpaper you can see one on the syringe and the serum his holding.


Oh right now I remember it on the asylum gate! At the very beginning of Contracts in the cloning facility 47 is standing in this white Matrix room with big red insignia in the floor forming from Ort Meyers blood pool.

I don’t know anything about novels really I thought they were canon. About movies I don’t really care about. The first one was so so and the second one I don’t even bother torrenting since I saw the trailer.

I used to sketch it and put on wall becides my study table. Old memories.

Me too
I still have on my Drawings in my wallet
Looking at it Everyday

I had to join just to share something I spotted. Can’t unsee! XD
So, if Fleur de Lis is the origin, and nevermind that the French symbol looks not like a lily, but like an iris, and we just move on with the lily, because a lily is a symbolic flower on a casket kind of thing… Look at the negative space in the Hitman/asylum logo. The lily flower - very much like a calla lily - is the blank space between, with a stem, and leaves at the bottom, and the “gunsmoke” wisp looks like the flower’s yellow stamen!
I’m brand-new to the forum, so, not sure it will take my altered image yet, thus the words.


I really wonder what was the idea behind the logo. Because its really beautiful. I wonder how they did it. When did they tough the logo looks just right. I as well thought that the line in the middle is guns smoke. It gave me that impression from this wallpaper

Could be that each part of the logo represents the founding fathers and at the top is Ort Meyer?


I think that seems a bit far-out.