Original Music


I know I said it in the other thread, but I’ll say it again here because most people don’t mind getting more compliments. Haha
Great stuff Quinn


Awesome. Another excellent edition of Pissfloyd’s mood music. I always look forward to your audio shares.


I think I really like this one.


beautiful stuff mate.


Hey boys! My band is releasing our debut album next week, and we spend hours and hours on creating this video almost entirely DIY. I always had a passion for video editing also. Our last single was called “Ampburner” and you guys probably know where I got that title from, but this new one sadly doesn’t really have any Hitman references. Hope you guys will still enjoy it though!


Something new, haven’t been composing anything for a while.


Hey everyone, I have a new EP coming out soon and wanted to share one of the tracks that is going in it!

It would also mean a lot if you could like me on soundcloud too


A while ago I fixed up and transferred The Elder Scrolls: Arena’s theme (from the original .XMI (XMIDI) to .MID) to a new SoundFont, as an attempt to actually make it sound like a normal song outside of game. Opinions would be greatly appreciated, and yes I know the drums (timpani) is a bit loud.


The same goes for this one, too. I fixed this a few days ago, since the conversion from .HMP to .MID went horribly, I felt I did okay. I know some of the song lags behind, but I’ll get to fixing that in a day or so. As far as I know that’s because the playback struggled playing some notes in a measure, as even though its in a 3/4 timescale, the .MID would always try to fit 3 half notes in one measure. The song is one of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall’s Tavern themes.



did this little synth thing. nothing special, 3 chords and a little melody.


Hey guys, I’ve been working hard on my 2nd EP. Check out this preview and dont forget to follow me on soundcloud and facebook!


Will listen ASAP but just incase you didn’t hear - Soundcloud is bankrupt and may be offline as soon as a month’s time. Make sure to download all yer shit!


In that case i’d implore people to check out my music on youtube.


Thought I’d share a song from my band. Kinda old school progressive alternative rock. I’m on guitar and vocals.

I didn’t know where to upload so I did it on YouTube. Added the albums artwork. Sorry it’s they are blurry.

Hope you enjoy.


My very talented friend Matt released his EP today - An EP I play bass guitar on. He’s a singer/songwriter with a knack for writing catchy as hell acoustic driven pop songs. Check him out!


Hey everyone, i’ve finally completed my 2nd EP - Plucks

listen to it here on Soundcloud or Youtube!
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One of mine from a few weeks ago,


When I can be bothered to finish either of these


Love the glitch and the 8bit stabs.
The “Yeah” threw me off a bit as i thought it was gonna turn into a dirty grime 'ting.


Here’s something a bit different i’ve been working on: A cover of Dave’s Theme from the 1987 game maniac Mansion. Check it out!

This is the original for comparison:


Hey guys, I have a new track out called Kaliedo.
It’s different from that I usually do, but i’m happy with the outcome. Check it out!