Original Music


Or, if you’re more of a Youtube person, the songs are here.


Still sounds great Quinn. Can’t wait to here about your gig


Nice to listen to them again. I want a full album, I would definitely buy it.


Gilgamesh lyrics please. Added in playlist.:smiley_cat:


Thanks! I’ll get the lyrics for you. I’m not 100% sure on them myself…


Here you go - The lyrics for Gilgamesh.

The author’s thoughts
slipped and fell right into my lap
and onto this page
Equilibrium now decides the outside bets
so best to scatter…

Because she holds the world
as she scolds the rest of us
reminds us that
we are mortal, as portals morph into open doors
which lead to nothing more…

But she holds the world
She holds the world

That secret shore
seemed a reasonable place to start
to search for a god
But from those rocks we watched the refugees and the lost
go overboard

So who holds the world?
Who holds the world?


Thank you!:smiley_cat:



Here’s what I’ve been doing this evening. Still very much a work in progress. As always; if it sounds like shit on your end it’s probably because of my bad speakers making mixing very hard.


This has potential :slight_smile:
Keep working on it and it will be awesome.


Thanks WIK you’re very kind. It’s getting late and my ears are ringing but I’ll get back to it asap. Doom really made me like this genre.


Just made my own remix of ’‘A Real Hero’'.


Sounds good. How did you make this? Do you play guitar?

I thought I’d share the state my Doom track is in. I’d say it’s finished but maybe it it needs something more. What do you think @WIK?


Yes, i do. I remixed it using Audacity and Vegas.


@Postal_Dude Stealing other’s work ain’t cool man



Start getting good at 1 minute and becomes nice at 2 minutes.
I like it :slight_smile:


I didn’t steal it, i swear to god! Made it all by myself.


Had our festival slot today. Sadly as it was a fringe event very few people stuck around to watch us. But you take the good with the bad, still had fun!


Thanks @WIK.

@Quinn Playing for a few people can really suck. I’m glad you had a good time though. Any video or pics to share? :slight_smile:


A couple of short videos were filmed, yeah. They’re probably not worth sharing to be honest since they’re nothing special.


I see. How long was the set? Do you have more songs than what you’ve recorded?