Original Music


Yeah, we played about 6 songs in half an hour. We’ve got 8 songs so far but writing quite a lot more.


You better get back to the studio soon! Awaiting more goodies from you. You should post As Paper Curls To Flame here.


Thanks! Still awaiting a master of that one though, soon…


Hey all -

Posted this a little while ago but hopefully I catch new ears this time. Did a bunch of fan music for the latest hitman. The style switches up toward the end.


I did my best to make an early deadmau5 style thing. It’s still missing something so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know.


So my band just released a new song and music video. You might recognise the title, haha! I always thought it would be an awesome name for a song, so when the line “amp keeps burning” came up when writing the lyrics, I knew I had to use it. It’s not really related to anything on this forum though, it goes a little deeper than that. But take it as a small tribute after having spend over a decade on this forum. I hope ampburner won’t mind… As far as I remember it’s not really his type of music.

Hope you like it guys. I’m the guy with the red Stratocaster btw.


Sounds cool! I liked your solo, could’ve been a bit longer! Nice video too.


Yeah great solo. Catchy.


It’s an enjoyable piece, and very catchy like @Chef-assassin said.


Holy shit this is some high production stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve done tours before, it’s awesome.


Thank you guys, good that you enjoyed the solo!

Yeah, we’ve toured a lot around in Denmark were we come from. We’ve been the supporting act for a few big acts from here. And we were supposed to be main support for Deep Purple for their show here, but sadly they cancelled just days before. But it’s going pretty well for us.


Here’s a Hitman related tune I did lately.


This one and your previous Hitman tune sound better than anything from HITMAN.Great job,love the vibe they have :thumbsup:


Did you make this!? It’s very, very good :smiley:.


the snake flute :heart_eyes:


You deserve a like, but… I have none :cry:


Aaaaaaaw guys thank you so much. [quote=“AGENT_58, post:73, topic:6298”]
This one and your previous Hitman tune sound better than anything from HITMAN.

What a great compliment! The music in HITMAN ain’t bad, it’s just not fitting IMO.

Thanks again :heart:[quote=“Spodey, post:76, topic:6298”]
You deserve a like, but… I have none :cry:

Let me rub it in your face by liking your comment :kissing_heart:




:’( matey why u do dis

the fucker can’t even wear a shirt properly


Isn’t that bad. Could be worst.