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Not buttoning the shirt while wearing a tie is a sin! Gotta look sharp.


I know about dress code, but even like this I have seen worst cases.


Yo guys! I do some originals and nine inch nails cover, been years since I’ve done stuff though, most of these are reuploaded after my youtube got hacked :,(


Sounds beautiful. I especially like the effects work on the first one.



So you’re one of the band members? Just like I expected. But you said you’re just a fan of them though.


Thanks man, terrible beauty is actually the first song I ever wrote/made, love messing with each ear channel, much better on headphones, all the fading and effects were done manually in audacity… was tedious


Finally getting some spare time to work on random music tidbits,



Haha lol, I just thought it was perfect to upload it here :wink:


Sounds fresh. Very modern. I like the lead synth.


Thanks mate!

I’ve listened to your album. What a treat! Very diverse. My favorites are Miami Nights, Infamy H.Q., Composing Stanley and The Brightest Light.
Good stuff!

As for Hitman related stuff, these tracks are what defines the sound for me, may differ to others of course.

Hong Kong Underground is my go to hitman tune.

Streets Of Hong Kong is the light version. Great atmosphere. Try listening with headphones to get that binaural audio effect from the chatter/street samples. Also the build up to the ending melody is just beautiful.

Winter Nights is Jesper Kyd’s most chill tune and it has an insanely “cold” atmosphere.

47 Detected is the high point of drums and percussion.

The Hitman 2 Main Title is one of my favorite orchestrial songs. It’s doable with software but it won’t sound as good obviously. The choir plays a big part in the epic factor.

47 Makes A Decision blew me away as a child. Still does. The main hook is just too damn good.

This one shows that he had clear intention of capturing the feel of the location in which the song would play. Great melodies.

My advice is to go for classical/traditional instruments. Then twist it with distorted percussion and heavy drums. If you use synths, make them as less “electronic” as possible. It all depends on what kind of Kyd you wanna capture really. Also try to do location specific stuff. Look up ethnical or asian scales. These kind of things does wonders to achieve interesting soundscapes. These are just my own guidelines really.

Bonus! Here’s some synthwave Blood Money for you!

And the Blood Money version for comparison.


That’s awesome!

I’m loving every bit of it!


These are really good, Quinn! Congrats!

Gilgamesh is giving me some A Perfect Circle vibes - which is awesome.


Thanks a lot, that’s high praise! APC are one of my favourite bands.

We’ve since had these songs remastered and should be releasing them properly soon.


Can’t wait to hear them! Make sure to tag me when you post them here :smiley:


I will do so, thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s the third song, which HAS been mastered - Hopefully the difference is noticeable.



This is really good, man. I’m a fan!


In which case, thank you (and congrats on being our first fan hah)!


dude… just…

I was your first fan dammit!


Yeah that’s true actually - WELL DUN