Original Music


Sounds great. Reminds me of TTNG (This Town Needs Guns). Keep up the good work.


Hey, thanks! Those guys are an influence for sure. We saw them play this summer - They sure are a tight as hell live band.

Welcome to the forum by the way :slight_smile:


Thanks for the hospitality. Yeah, I saw them a while back and was very impressed. They should tour the states more often.


I made an original musical score for Hokkaido. My goal was to capture the Jesper Kyd essence (because lets be honest, he’s the man). Anyways, I though it came out pretty good. I hope ya’ll like it. Cheers.



I’m going to try and see if I can post anything in this thread soon.

I have some John Mayer covers from when I was 16-17 and I have a ton of tentative original stuff that’s just kind of sitting in small clips on my iphone


Nice score! Hearing a lot of Hong Kong themes from Contracts in there with the percussion. Well done.


Thanks. Contracts has always been my favorite. So dark.


Utterly insane! Beautiful, beautiful stuff. Great idea with playing it alongside the video. Nice run too


Thanks so much!! I took a sort of “score to film” type approach to it. Glad you liked it. I’m considering making some more of these…we’ll see.


I would definately watch of you continue making these . Do you have a soundcloud or something like it to share stuff?


I just started the youtube channel where I’ll be posting video game edits with original music. I’m hoping to do more of them in the future.


Also, if you’re interested, I’ve got some more indie/rock type original music you can find here:

Thanks again!


Hello guys. Here’s my band’s EP. Hope you like it.


Sounds good, Quinn. Posted a piece from my scoring portfolio yesterday:



Sounds great - Very ethereal and filmic


I also make music, since I study Audio and Music Production at Uni, here is a bunch of my stuff


This Tainted Lady band is really something… They sound like a combination of some really great bands that… the combinations make it hard for me to point out which bands they’re supposed to sound like.

But they sound great. :slight_smile:

I also like it that “Set Us Free” is actually a song against the bondage a lot of us now suffer from “Uncurated Culture”. I like it that Tainted Lady is pointing out that somewhere along the way, Freedom of Expression has been mutated by Corporations, and also by Non-Corporate Individuals who exploit lack of curating in modern social media.


Thank you. I actually did it on a plane on four hours of sleep, and it turned out to my liking, haha. Do you do all the engineering for your band?


Pretty unique way to compose. I guess that helps explain the ethereal feel to it - I love to listen to John Murphy scores on the plane. Guessing you are a pro tools user?

And nah, all I do in the band is thump the bass. It’s nice not to have to worry about the engineering side of things :slight_smile:


A friend and I have this inside joke about DJ Khaled / Rick Ross 2005+ Miami music, so I slapped a acapella I had floating around on a beat I’m working on/ screwing around with.

It sorta evolved since starting this random beat I started when I sampled Diana from Blood Money saying @Vinnie_Sinistra


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Hello guys, today is the day I grow a pair of balls in the Creative Corner. I’m in an excellent mood and I feel like you guys deserve to hear this song, regardless of how mortified I am of my 17 yo voice. Before you watch/listen please read this first.

This is a cover of John Mayer’s ‘The Heart of Life’. I recorded it when I was 17 to help me get through a time in my life when I felt very alone (it worked!) - I played all instruments and sang the song so it’s 100% me, voice included. That being said, I’m sharing this with you guys because I trust and respect you after a few months of being on this forum and I want to know what you guys think of it. To be honest, this is very embarrassing as I know my voice sounded terrible back then, but I’d like honesty, so please don’t think you’ll offend me by saying the vocals are shit, because I know they are lol the video is just so I had something to post on YouTube - the photos are of me when I was 17.

I hope you all enjoy it and get as much comfort from the emotion of it as I did/do. If you’d like a HQ copy please PM your email address and I will happily send you one!

Listen at medium to loud volume. Headphones preferable.