Original Music


Holy smokes. That was fucking amazing. Is that reversed guitar at about 2 mins? And I can’t tell if it’s double voice in the chorus but the vocals get a cool chorus effect. And I was like, “damn man, the only thing it needs is some bass playing around the ending” and bam! There it was.

Great cover! The vocals didn’t annoy me at all. Real crisp singing, much better than anything I can do lol. Also, your 17 yo hair was spot on, still rocking those curls?


Thanks! I’m glad you liked it! Softer music like that doesn’t cut it for some folk but it’s always felt right to me.

Excellent ear, mate! You’re exactly right. Reversed guitar and 2x Vocals. The key to getting the vocals to sound that way was to actually sing the song twice and layer the vocals over one another at different frequencies to give a breathy chorus sound.

The tracks are as follows: Main Guitar --> Lead/Bridge Guitar --> Vocals --> Reversed Guitar --> Cymbal Hat --> Bass Guitar

Bass guitar was my friend’s Fender P-Bass (Getty Lee edition), my guitar is a custom Strat, and the lead guitar was an ancient Epiphone neck/Harmony body spliced guitar I bought from my luthier.

Hey, thanks! Yes, I haven’t changed my hair since I was in 6th grade actually lol hold on I’ll find an up to date picture.

EDIT: This is me now

And this is me hungover as shit in Sydney in 2014


Share some pics already! Custom strats and vintage epiphones FTW :heart_eyes:


Yes, I’m on Pro Tools nowadays (originally switched to it for mixing gigs for easy session compatibility/import, but I really like it).

It would be nice to not worry about the engineering side of things. I never initially wanted to, but wanted my own music to sound good and couldn’t afford to pay anyone else when I started out. :smile:


Wow,that was great!
You have amazing voice,really enjoyable to listen.


How are things going for you guys? I loved every second of this and I wish you all the best with your careers! I’m going to search YouTube for more of your stuff it’s amazing. Which one ar you by the way?


I thought you were older, nice to put a face to the username.


Thank you so much. It’s very cool to hear from someone who actually understood the deeper layers of the lyrics! For some people they’re just too much, because it’s not cookie-cutter lyrics. They’re very opinionated. I believe it’s one of the ways we set ourselves apart from the pack a little bit.

Thank you, I really appreciate it! 2017 is looking very good. We just finished the recording of our debut album, and we’re in discussions with our record label as to when and where it’ll be released. It’s a Danish label (where we’re from) but they have distribution connections all over Europe and I believe Japan too. They seem very ambitious on our behalf, so it’s an exciting time. We’re looking at touring Europe some time in the Summer/Fall as well. I am the guitarist playing the red Stratocaster. We’re not a very big band yet, but this release and support from our new label will surely put us on the map, so who knows what could or could not end up happening…

This is the single we released earlier this year. Though I believe the best stuff is still yet to come, I can’t wait to release the next couple of singles from the album. But check it out! You might recognize from where I got the idea for the name of the song, although the lyrics are definitely not related to HMF haha!


Hey, thank you! My voice has developed a lot since then, but of the few songs I recorded in my mid-to-late teens, this one was probably my favourite. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, and I really appreciate the positive feedback :slight_smile:

I’m an old man who is young and looks younger. I’m basically Benjamin Button.


Hey guys, this is something I’ve been working on for a while and have just uploaded, would mean a lot if you would check it out!


Doing a MEWSICK VIDYA in January. Transforming our rehearsal space and getting a film crew in. Hopefully it won’t look shit and I won’t look like a walking corpse in HD.


Since today is Spodey’s birthday, a very special occasion, I decided to make him a theme


Nice man! As soon as it started, I felt like dancing my chubby ass off. Very well put together.


This is great! @Pissfloyd
I hope you would consider making soundtracks (video games, movies, shows etc.) Pretty cool that a guy can get personally created a theme song on his birthday. Happy Birthday @Spodey!


you know someone who’s hiring? :wink:



hapy birthday pisfloyd


LOL! gets real good at 1:00

cheers buddy :heart:


In all seriousness, I will let you know if I hear of someone in need. :+1:


woah. that’s… heartwarming. thanks


@MadMax gets a theme too. It basically wrote itself.