Original Music



Your song titles are 2edgy4me


I like to compose chiptune sometimes. :grin:


did a dishonored thing


Inspired by the Hitman series…


sounds dope niedt. I dig the choir.


Choir gives me visions of the Contracts main theme. Great work Alex!


Thanks so much, guys! Just finished this one, too, and I quite like it.


In the immortal words of DJ Khaled…another one…


Niedt X Kyd collab when?

Progression is really, really good.


Ha! Thanks, man! Apparently we’re in the same city now, so maybe I’ll be able to meet him at some point. :smile:


I met Kyd before, he’s a good bloke. You in LA now?

Nice new song!


Thanks, Quinn! That’s cool. Where did you meet him? And yes, I moved out here a month ago now.


How are you liking it? I used to spend a lot of time out there, I miss it a lot. I met Kyd at the inaugural Game Music Connect event, I think it was 2013 or 2014. Can’t remember now. Nice guy!

Are you out there to work as a composer? Hope it goes steady for ya.


Ah, right on! I really like it out here so far. Just now settling into my room well enough to get stuff done. I’d like to get work out here as a composer, but I’ll likely be doing a lot of audio post-production for now. And thank you!


Today I realized that it’s 10 years, almost to the day, that one of my old bands split up. I uploaded one of our songs to send to my old bandmates to reminisce about past times, but figured I may as well post it here too. Maybe someone will enjoy it. Or you can just laugh at how silly we looked, I dunno.


new dank beat. stole with heavy hand from Starboy. any singers on here?


I sing, @Pissfloyd. Here’s a quick cover I did to test out my new mic a few months back…

Aaaaaand here’s a new instrumental I made last week…


Sounds real nice Niedt. I’d be happy if you’d try singing on my thing. Whatever you feel like. If not, that’s cool too.

I’ll just enable downloads.


Thanks! Unfortunately, my new room isn’t to the point where I can record quality vocals yet, haha. Working on it…