Original Music


I know the feel. Can’t record shit because of noise complaints at my new place :disappointed_relieved:

But your singing is on spot. Really like it.


Great as always @Pissfloyd


Smooth @AlexNiedt, real smooth…


Thanks, guys!

New solo piano piece…


Work in progress


My band released an EP today. You can get it from our Bandcamp page on a “pay what you want” basis. If you like it, please consider chucking us a couple of dollars for some high quality wav/FLAC copies - Or just get it for free. Whatever your heart desires.


Been sitting on this for a while, only just got round to finishing it, what do you guys think?

youtube link too


First time trying something at 90BPM, still gotta finish it & add the famous pluck melody from the original.



Here’s a clip from a live session my band did back in January. Doesn’t sound too bad. Full thing in a bit.


New orchestral string piece that has absolutely nothing to do with Hitman: Absolution, I promise. :joy:



This is cool. Which sample libraries are you using for string VSTs? They sound great


Did the hook in this song for a talented local hip hop artist by the name of Watzreal.


So recently I’ve been having a lot of fun with my band, more so than in many years. Some cool things have happened, we’re releasing our debut album internationally in a month, we’re currently playing more shows here in Denmark than ever before. And our lead singer got featured on Steel Panther’s new single! It’s so hilarious and great. We’re also planning on playing Europe later in the year. Just a lot of great stuff.

I just got home from a small club show yesterday and I’m still on a high from it. A show like that reminds me why playing music is the greatest thing on this planet.



Thanks! I use Spitfire Audio. That was actually an experiment in layering Chamber Strings (best for portamento detail) with Symphonic Strings with some Albion V ambience with the new London Contemporary Orchestra. Really subtle touches of layers that you’d only notice if I muted them in A/B comparisons, but there’s a certain something that is “felt” more than heard.


Do I hear influences of The Smiths/Morrissey? The Cure?


Yep! We dig The Smiths.


THIS :heart:


I fucked about in Reason for a bit :sweat_smile:


My band’s live session from the other month.


Just did this quick cover :slight_smile: