Other characters as Elusive Targets

I was hoping to avoid making a new thread for this, but there doesn’t seem to be an appropriate one that already exists, so I’m making one here. Feel free to move it if there is an appropriate thread for it.

Something recently gave me the idea of using characters from another franchise that fit the 7 deadly sins theme of the Hitman 3 Elusive Targets, so I’m presenting them here in a form tailored to fit the Hitman universe. And we’re going to go in order of release that H3 had for its ETs. So this batch of Elusive Targets will be starring: The Eco-villains from Captain Planet and the Planeteers

First up, for Greed, we have:

Looten Plunder

Good Morning, 47. Your target is Looten Plunder, a highly corrupt and unethical businessman, known for destroying entire ecosystems around the globe in order to exploit their resources. From the poaching of critically endangered animals to deforestation, Plunder has left a trail of ecological ruin in his wake for decades, often purely because he can.

While Plunder takes in millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains from his business dealings, his pattern of behavior indicates that he enjoys deliberately misleading local community leaders in the areas he has his sights on, using legal loopholes and trickery to get any indigenous communities to sign over the rights to their lands to him under the guise of protection, before then taking what he wants from his newly acquired property in the most destructive ways he can, seeming to enjoy the con itself more than the profits that he makes from them.

Plunder’s latest desired acquisition appears to be the land upon which Thornbridge Manor sits in Dartmoor, England. With the recent deaths of Zachary and Alexa Carlisle, and the rights to the land’s ownership tied up in a dense legal battle that’s likely to stretch on well into the next decade, Plunder likely knows that the time to strike is now, while the Carlisle family is still in a state of confusion. He will most likely attempt to persuade the family to give up their rights under the guise of establishing a trust in their name that will allow them to keep the estate and the land surrounding it while he pretends to represent them in court for the ownership claim, all while planning to double-cross them and strip the land of all its value.

Our client, a member of an environmental activist group who has dealt with Plunder before and is tired of failing to stop him, would like us to make sure the target can never loot and plunder another acre of land, ever again. I’ll leave you to prepare.


Placing Pride and Lust was difficult for this list, but I think I settled on the appropriate representatives. For Pride, we have:

Duke Nukem

Good evening, 47. Welcome to Argentina. Your target is former nuclear physicist-turned-mutant eco-terrorist, Duke Nukem. Having accidentally transformed himself through overexposure to radioactive materials and other toxic wastes, Nukem has developed craggy, rock-like skin that covers his whole body, as well as the loss of several fingers and toes. A vain man in his prime, these changes have affected the man’s sanity, along with his body chemistry having been altered to crave radioactive materials as sustenance.

Nukem has not taken his mutation well, attempting without success to seem as human as possible, as seen with his Mohawk hairdo, Hawaiian-style shirt, propensity for wearing sandals, and a penchant for sunglasses. However, according to the client, Nukem has resigned himself to never regaining his human form, and has made plans to coat the entire earth in a blanket of high-intensity radiation so that he can forever be able to feed on it, as well as mutate the rest of humanity into even more devolved forms than himself, allowing him to become the most visually attractive person in the world despite his deformities.

Nukem has joined the gathering of wealthy elites at the Villa Yates vineyard in the hopes of convincing some rich donors to invest in his idea for a revolutionary nuclear power plant that, in reality, will be the means by which he can achieve his long-term goal of a fully radioactive Earth. Using the false promise of immense riches on the cost-saving measures his new reactor would utilize, this is just the place he needs to get his funding. You are to retire Nukem before he can secure the means to begin construction of his reactor, and as a bonus, the client will pay extra if you can recover his list of potential investors that agree to his offer, which the target is likely to be carrying with him. Good luck, 47.

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