Other games that touches the high-class hidden luxury world

I love everything about Hitman but one of the things i like the most is the setting, the really bondesque-over-the-top villains, being there with the top tier people of the world, with the rothschild-like people and all that shit. Is there something similar to that?

Don’t think it’s quite what you’re looking for, but the Just Cause series is pretty over-the-top. The games are basically a Micheal Bay film times 100. They are also excellent sandbox games.

I’ve played 2 a lot of time ago, it was cool.

Which one is better, JC 3 or 4?

Depends, if you’re playing on console, 3 is horribly optimised and you’ll have to play at 15 frames per second. 4’s map is way too big and can be a little boring at times but runs alot better.

Deus Ex games go big on the illuminati theme.

I still play it and now it’s pretty well optimized. It’s not perfect, but it does fluctuate between 45 to 60 fps.

JC3 Barely runs on my pc for no reason, JC4 ran perfectly.

Uncharted 3 had a sort of luxury underworld, but I would recommend playing the full franchise because they are all great games

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I think it’s a 50/50 thing. Some of my friends say it ran perfectly for them but for me it’s the exact opposite. Playing the game offline is supposed to help, but it didn’t for me.

I don’t like Uncharted too much because it feels like an interactive movie and that movie is not so good anyways (i’ve only played Uncharted 1 and 2)

I’d definitely recommend 4 then ; in my opinion, it’s the best by a landslide

Dishonored had themes of an extravagant upper class, I recall a mission where you infiltrate a fancy masquerade party.

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I second the Dishonored recommendation.
It might be set in a steampunk Victorian-esk environment, but there are many aristocratic homes to explore. One level is a massive party where you are pretending to be a aristocrat in order to assassinate a target. You play as a dishonored royal bodyguard.

Dishonored also takes a detail dive into good vs evil endings. Depending on how you play determines the ending. Unlike in hitman, killing non-targets has story based consequences.