Other Stealth games

So I was watching Kotti’s recent stream of the entire Hitman franchise back to back(if you haven’t seen it, Do)and he mentioned not being a fan of stealth games really. So I was wondering what the other people on here think. Do you like only hitman or are you a fan of stealth games & the stealth genre in general? As a side what are some of your favourites?
Personally stealth is my favourite genre & I like the Metal gear series, splinter cell & I’ve recently been playing Volume which is a top down stealth game in the vain of mgs V.R missions.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is my favorite stealth game right now :smiley:.


Would you recommend to someone who hasn’t played any deus ex apart from the 1st one briefly years ago on pc?

Yes i would, the game is very good :smiley:.


The original Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Splinter Cell (Chaos Theory, Conviction & Blacklist), Mark of the Ninja, Gunpoint.

Bought Invisible Inc, but haven’t played it for very long yet.


I also liked Thief 4 :flushed: :smiley:.

Ooh, Thief 2, original Deus Ex (have Mankind Divided, haven’t opened it yet), Dishonored.

Thief (4) was alright, not as immersive as earlier games. Recasting Garrett was a huge mistake, the new voice actor was dull as taffing dishwater. Excited the original voice actor is playing Corvo in Dishonored 2.

Stealth is also my favourite genre. I’m a massive fan of the Splinter Cell series, as well as others like Assassin’s Creed and Dishonoured. A few other games with relatively good stealth mechanics are the Batman Arkham series and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Can also highly recommend Mark of the Ninja, a great 2D stealth game that inspired the Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles series.

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theif : deadly shadows
death to spies 2

Heard good things about invisible inc.

Not really a fan. Whenever I play stealth games I fail hard and usually get penalised by the game for doing so and end up getting even more annoyed. The stealth aspect is not why I bought this Hitman. Or any other Hitman game for that matter. Hitman is not (or at least, shouldn’t be) a stealth game in my opinion. I like the puzzle aspect of it.

I’m in the “47 is a cold blooded killer” camp.

When i’m not playing Hitman I love to play the Tomb Raider series. Shoot 'em up puzzle games <3


Enjoyed the first Arkham game more so than the later ones & have also dabbled with the A.C Chronicles series which was fun.

Dishonored is also one of my favorite and of course Splinter Cell :smiley:.

Will we see a new Splinter Cell in the future? I really hope so.


Original Metal gear solid on ps1. Best ps1 game ever😍


All the metal gear games & splinter cell chaos theory & blacklist


Best game regardless of platform :slight_smile:

I like all the arkham games for different reasons, the reason I like the later ones is the freedom of a stealth approach in the open areas. If you like AC chronicles, you’d love mark of the ninja. Such a good game, believe me.

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Yep, won quite a few Game of the Year awards, and that did influence my decision to buy. I like stealth games, I like turn-based games (X Com, Vandal Hearts, etc…), I’m lukewarm on the cyberpunk theme. I don’t have the enthusiasm to sink hours into games that don’t immediately engage my interest.

For me, I love stealth games that don’t have to be played stealthily. I hate forced stealth, where if you are sighted you auto respawn. I love hit man because you can be all sneaky and not let anyone see you, but you also fuck everyone up and run in guns blazing. It’s why I also love batman arkham, Monaco to an extent, dishonoured, and sly cooper.


Certainly one I’d like to check out :slight_smile: