"Overgrowth" crazy bloodlust kung-fu animals


So I noticed that “Overgrowth” wasn’t ever mentioned on this forum. So I decided to let you guys know about this underrated gem. It is currently in Humble Indie Bundle, where you can get it for 10$ (together with few cool games). Before I talk, here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn1cPtjkpac

This guy, Rabbit Respawn (perfect name for this game) is skilled as hell, so you gotta really git gud before your gameplay looks like his. Combat system isn’t very deep (some will say that it’s shallow) so you shouldn’t compare it to “Street Fighter” or any other, pretty complex fighting games. It’s very reflex/timing/physics based, so not everyone will like it, but I found it really freaking fun. Ragdoll system is one of the best I’ve seen. Blood effects are dope as well. Thanks to awesome animations, the fights looks like some Kung Fu film choreography. If you’re fan of these movies, “Overgrowth” should give you some fun.

While combat and physcisc are very impressive, the game shows it’s indie nature in story mode. Campaign is made of levels sepereated by loading screens, and dialogues are silent with just subtitles (kind of like some scenes in “Yakuza”). The gameplay consist only of fighting\platforming and stealth. But, it has an amazing editor and workshop, so if you like the gameplay you can spend a lot of time in this game. It is far from perfect, but for 10$ it’s really worth a try.

Let me guys know what you think, I’m a big fan of “Overgrowth”. And sorry if I made some mistakes in my english. Cheers



Btw, how do I make video visible here?



I watched a stream of the first game, Lugaru, a couple of years back. I totally forgot about the sequel, glad to hear that it came out! First game was really funny and seemed like a lot of fun. Hope this makes its way to console eventually

Maybe it’s something to do with how many posts you have? It says on your profile you only have 28. Or maybe the link has to be at the end of the post?

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Yea, maybe the link has to be on the end of post.
Developers said that they might do console port one day. However, the game dosen’t require very strong PC. Optimialization varies, so there are some lags, but you can always tweak some settings. I think the game is more CPU dependant, since physics and AI plays big role. Also, the full Lugaru campaign is remaked in Overgrowth.

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