P.E.N. Contracts

Welcome to P.E.N. Contracts or Player Enforced Narrative Contracts.

This will be a series of contracts that have complex objectives similar to those in escalations, except that they must be enforced by the player playing the level (obviously because contracts mode doesn’t allow for me to actually enforce it in-game). Therefore, it will be completely up to the player to honestly complete these objectives.

These contracts will also be narrative-based, building off established lore in the Hitman games.

In addition, each contract will also have at least 3 bonus challenges, a challenge that is optional but when completed will give you a score multiplier to use on your mission score at the end of the level.

For now, the multipliers are just for your enjoyment but they may be used later for competitions

How to apply score multipliers

Week 1 - The Forgotten Bird & A Furtive Leader

Gonna kick things off with a double-bill

PC: 1-24-7218759-52
PS4: 2-24-0268510-07
XB: 3-24-7791372-80

PC: 1-10-6814064-52
PS4: 2-10-8584740-07
XB: 3-10-3098988-80

Week 2 - Liquidating The Deal

PC: 1-11-0457375-52
PS4: 2-11-9461305-07
XB: 3-11-5404616-80

Week 3 - Rogue Operator

PC: (Not quite yet)
PS4: 2-09-7434617-07
XB: 3-09-3696040-80

[thanks to @KevinRudd and @CamTheChest for recreating on PC and XB]


I may run prize-money competitions later on, but for this week I’m just testing out peoples’ response/interest

So far the ideas for competitions are Quickest Run, Highest Score Run, and Most Interesting/Creative Run.


I’d just like to list off some of the other peoples’ work that’s inspired this

@The_Ducker_Gaming’s CCC is definitely the biggest inspiration, doing fun and unique challenges within levels. And seeing as contracts mode is very limited and modding still has a ways to go I think this is a very fresh way to play the game
Custom Community Challenge(CCC)

@GlogolZ has made several contracts with challenges and briefings but I’ll cite this one as the most recent
HITMAN 2 Contracts From HMF Members

@David47 made a thread that was based on player honesty and competition so he’s definitely an inspiration. I’d say I learnt how fun/gratifying player imposed challenges can be
Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)

@MulletPride’s APA is a narrative-based contracts series
APA: A Contract Series

One my own personal reasons for doing this is as the modding scene is (somewhat) taking off and PC players might get new and interesting ways to play in 2020. However, everyone on platforms only has Contracts Mode to work with this year and that hasn’t been updated in years (plus personally most contracts feel the same to me now). So if you want a new challenge I’d suggest trying these contracts, they’ll vary in how different/difficult the objectives are based on people’s feedback of what they want.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, thank you
And don’t be afraid to make/suggest your own ideas!


Thanks for mentioning me in here! This is a great idea. I’ll definitely try these out,since I don’t really have anything else to do in Hitman now.


This is an extremely well-written post, in many ways. The briefings are very detailed, and even follow some of the lore we’re familiar with. Also, the post itself is easy to navigate and I like how you added the score modifiers. I’ve never really considered something like this but you have me intrigued. Will get to these contracts soon!


Bravo! And this reminds us again why we need a contracts mode with more customization options. :smiley:
Those images are beautiful and the texts are well written.
I love that!


My run of The Forgotten Bird. Managed to do it SASO (just realised it isn’t SO but I wore it as much as I could :sweat_smile:) and The Osprey challenge.

So that gives me a score of
169,818 x 1.2 = 203,781

The Osprey wasn’t too difficult but I did it without using hitman2maps.com so it was fun to try to find things in a map I know quite well. Also had to readapt my strategy a few times

Thanks Mullet, glad you like it :grin: yeah I’m trying to use existing Hitman lore to build out the contracts (so they feel a part of the world)

Took a while tinkering so I felt happy with it all, so seems like it was worth it :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, there is a new contract coming next week, set in Miami!


Didn’t watch your video yet because I think I’m going to make a video series on these contracts. Commentary and multiple walkthroughs. Stay tuned. :wink:


Yeah avoid spoilers on the method :wink:

That’s awesome tho! Since you’re obviously interested (and an open question to everyone),
what kinds of objectives/complications would you like to see in future P.E.N. contracts? Next week’s is decided already, but the weeks after that are still in the works so

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In case you want to get more exposure for your concept, you could collaborate with us.


Did you create these contracts? They’re really well written! :smiley:

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-Shoot them in the temple to make it look like a suicide.
-Take something on the target’s person (after killing them) and deliver it to a ‘local contact’ as proof of death.
-Find your informant in the crowd before making the kill, and bump them.

-You can’t use any external doors (only windows!)
-No sneaking (maybe not even any walking?)
-No distractions with thrown items or gunshots.
-You can only interact with characters whose native language you personally speak. Oh I’m so evil :laughing:


It would be cool to see certain mission stories used within the contract briefing and creation. Some mission stories were quite memorable during the game’s main missions. Maybe just keep them in mind, may it be certain disguise usage, or the more interactive kill methods within certain maps. I would LOVE to see you come up with something down in the cave of Sapienza.

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Outstanding work and presentation good job :ok_hand:


Yeah, I’d love to

From The McAllister Ransack, I like this one, might use it :wink:

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Cool. You can contact me through PM


Cool! Everything looks great! Font, background, biography, test! The designer did a great job! It’s a pity that I’m not at home right now and cannot pass these contracts. :smiley:

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Here is my run of The Forgotten Bird. I did all bonus challenges.


And in an extremely impressive time too! Well with the score multipliers on that gives you a final score of 242,762 (= 175,153 x 1.05 x 1.1 x 1.2) absolutely blown me out of the water :sweat_smile: thank you for enjoying it

This is my run of A Furtive Leader where I complete A Khandanyang Burial, actually SASO this time

So with bonus multipliers my score is 185,098

And I just wanna say thanks again for all the positive feedback on this thread :blush:


I really think there should be a bonus for not using the kalmer and the sieker pistol, especially the Electocution phone. Also, there should be a bonus for getting a classic kill. Here is my run with a score of 227,619.

I did a classic kill


Yeah I do think there should be some balancing with scores (maybe I’ll add a bonus challenge similar to The Classics that entourages interesting strategies) but also this is about people enforcing their own rules to have fun. So if people wanna use the electrocution phone, let 'em :man_shrugging:

Now I’m curious, the objective I set was just ‘Erase the data’ which implied crashing the stocks on the computer (it even specifies it in the briefing) but when I saw you go for the Cronkite report I was interested, I’m gonna say that that isn’t the way people should do it but your run was to dang fun to say it was wrong :wink:

Also I know you love playing wild challenges Ducker, so if you have any suggestions of what you’d enjoy let me know :smile:


In the objectives it says just “Crash the market to hide Kovak’s data.” and doesn’t say using the computer(even though it says in the briefing).

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