Paris - Discover all locations challenge bug?

Hello, I’m new there :slight_smile:
I’ve explored Paris map dozen times in Hitman 2 with legacy pack (steam), the map don’t show me any missing explored places, yet the challenge keep telling me i’m missing one explored place :confused:
Can you please confirm me I didn’t missed any place that’s not marked on the map ? thanks

My game version is hitman2, Spaienza Just like you,46/47,I’ve examined the challenges of other maps.I come from China and my English is not very good,I also want to meet all the challenges,…If there is a solution, please let me know. Thank you.

I came here looking for an answer, as I, too, have this same bug. There are no unknown locatio icons on my map, either. I am on the Xbox One X here.

Similar bug for me, but in Sapienza. 47 out of 47. Very annoying.


Same here, in Paris on the map NO icons show up undiscovered. Stuck at 99% and ALSO on Sapienza! Dissapointed, normally the IOI work is solid and great.


For me, Paris unlocked the Challenge while I was still missing a few points of interest to explore.

But some players know abut your glitch and I experienced it in Colorado: when you play a map in Contracts Mode or in an Escalation Contract, you can discover places but they are not added to the Challenges’s count. So basically you probably played Paris’ Escalations OR a Contract in Paris before, which created this glitch. It for example happened to me in Colorado, where I’m missing two places that aren’t on the map.

All we can do is hope next week’s patch will fix that.

PS: Coucou à IcanDivideBy0, je suis moi aussi un petit Français ! :wink:

Make sure you are paying attention to your maps when trying to complete the exploration challenges. The map has several levels and on those levels icons depict important elements. The map levels can contain different Icons. Locate the map level with the undiscovered location still marked.

Make sure to read the full post and look the full image before posting useless answers. The image provided shows the map for all floors and no undiscovered location are marked.