Paris episode unavailable

I bought the complete season on ps4 and have completed the training mission and the final test mission. At this point I went to go play the Paris episode but it’s not accessable. it says it’s content I need to download. So I went to the story but it is not available as a dlc. After asking around I learned it’s part of the initial download. So I decided to reinstall the game. I have now reinstalled this game 3 times and still can’t access it. Even stranger, I can access episodes 2-6 but still have no access to Paris which is episode 1. Please help as my search only has come up dry.


Perhaps @IOInteractive can shed some light on the situation.

Thank you for the suggestion. I hope to open a dialog with them in hopes this fix this issue.

On PS4 Paris is a separate download that is separate from the Intro Pack. It should have auto-downloaded when you downloaded the Intro Pack (from memory anyway, it’s been over a year since I did it now).

  1. Highlight the HITMAN tile on the main menu of the PS4.
  2. Push down until PlayStation Store is highlighted.
  3. Press the right button to select Add Ons and press X.
  4. Scroll right down to the bottom and you’ll see Paris with the option to download it.
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Thank you for the response. Sadly that was not the answer either. I lucked out and got the answer through Playstation support. I had to activate the renew licenses option in the settings and that fixed the problem. I hope this helps others.

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PS4 settings/account managment/Restore Licenses

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Thanks so much Ive been frustrated the past week trying to figure this out gonna try it now :slightly_smiling_face: fingers crossed

Muchos gracias this has been bugging me

I tried and it’s still not working for me :rage: FML!!!

Anyone tell me why Paris is not working on ps4

Please tell me what to do

Have you already tried doing what is described in the thread?

Yes nothing is working

I am facing the same issue. Couldn’t find the episode.

I have just tried to uninstall and reinstall HITMAN 2016. It stays on the Paris loading screen after I hit play.