Paris Mastery - unlockable Sedative vial


Has anyone else actually found a useful or fun way to integrate the unlockable Sedative vial into your playthroughs? Because for the life of me I can’t see what it could be productively used for given that it is applied to food and drink in the same way that the emetic rat poisons and the lethal cyanide poisons are.

In Paris just about all of the poison-able items are in public places and an NPC will be in view of other NPCs when they sample the tainted food/drink. This isn’t a problem with the emetic poisons as they do not arouse any suspicion but merely send a victim scurrying to a bathroom by themselves which is obviously tactically useful in multiple ways. Likewise the lethal poison gives you a guaranteed kill - one that may quickly be discovered, granted - but a kill nonetheless.

I assume that the sedative vial does the same as the cyanide vial but with a non-lethal result (please correct me if I’m wrong; never used the sedative for the reason below). If so, can anyone tell me what kind of tactical advantage that can create because I can’t see how putting someone to sleep in a public area can be of any meaningful use.

Really hoping that you guys come back with loads of cool and creative ways that you’ve used the sedative and prove my assumptions wrong, because I’d like to use it too if I had any idea how to do something decent with it.


Yeah, it’s pretty much useless in Showstopper since it’s such a crowded map. You might be able to use it on the sheikh but I’ve not tried it, the guard might see the body (unless you take him out first). I have a feeling it’ll be more useful in Sapienza, inside the mansion should be a nice place to use it.


I tried it on Sebastian Sato, the drink he has after turning on the diaroama. He fell asleep behind the table he walks around but someone still spotted him unfortunately. I think if timed right it could work though.


I got excited when I unlocked it because I thought it would be used in conjunction with the syringe, but no. I can’t think of any time it would be more useful than rat poison. Bizarre!


I misread the label and tried it on the target when he came have a cocktail at the bar.
I was suuuuure it was gonna kill him so I went away without checking and played several minutes to try to get Dalhia
Then I realized “hey wtf, it never told me I had killed the dude”. So I checked with instinct to locate him (shame on me I use instinct booh), and realized, he was lying down in front of everyone since I was gone…
I went there to see wtf was going on
So, NPCs circled around him, having shocked facial expressions and waving their arms with surprise, some others were using a cellphone to say “yeah… a body… I’m serious dude there is blood everywhere” (lol, there was not, obviously), but noone had tried to wake him up since I was gone


Use it on the sheikh… As he is in the room along with only one guard and he goes outside the balcony to drink… away from the guard’s line of sight.


But waiters are not allowed in there right? So there is little point going through the trouble IMO…


Have you tried being the auction staff… There is a auction staff guy just one room back.


Nope didn’t try indeed
I guess that could be done if they’re allowed inside…


Yeah it is pretty useless at least as far as showstopper is concerned. @mr_johnson I did exactly the same thing. was about to exit the level then realised Viktor was still alive. Went back to the bar to see everyone crowding round while he took a nap :laughing:. I shot him in the head and ran for the exit got silent assassin…not :smile:.


Haha, I tried something more stealthy, I casually walked to the lever to drop the chandelier and dropped it on his face before running like a madman to the exit
Everyone saw me so I punched the waiter in the face on my way

That felt a bit extreme though
"I’m going to poison your drink to make you fall asleep under a chandelier, then drop the chandelier on your face in front of everyone eyes, because FUCK YOU!"


The only thing I was able to come up with was really roleplay-ish, so yeah, not “tactical” as you put it.

I sedated Dalia and dragged her into the bathroom where I had a stash of knives strewn on the counter. I called a guard in and shot him the moment he woke Dalia up. By the time she finally came to, I was waiting at her only exit point with one of the knives, staring her down. When she freaked out and tried to run past me that’s when I killed her. It would have been cooler had she been able to wake up on her own, but it was still fun.


Yeah I saw your video :-), people always spot me when I release winches I hardly ever use them now.


You could probably use it to knock out Vicktor’s bodygaurd and take his phone. Just spit balling ideas at this point, but it could be cool to see how the evacuation would play out with the bodyguard still on duty.


I did this. I poisoned the sushi the bodyguard eats from in the kitchen with the sedative vial. He dropped to the floor immediately like a sack of potatoes :smiley:

I took his phone and waited until a guard came and woke him up. There was temporary searching then everything went back to normal. Job done - I had his phone. Would’ve been better to use rat poison though.

Sedating someone who drinks underneath a chandelier is a great use for this, thanks - I’ll have to go try that!


It can be used as a distraction! I sedated a random person close to the bar. Everybody gathered around the person, even the bartenders. Which gave me a chance to walk right by :joy: Although sneaking past them is easy!

There is also a coffe mug in the attic you can poison. The guy who drinks it, patrols the computer area with the bomb.


I wish we could actually “inject” any vial we wanted in the syringe. Like 47 could actually place the vial we choose and put it in the syringe,
like this…

Then say for instance, we could put the “sedative” inside the syringe, then we could actually “inject” any NPC with the syringe. That would be awesome!!

It would be even more cool if we could use it more than once. Like say, one NPC you want to
“make sick” apply that vial in the syringe. Then another NPC you wanna “kill”… Then you could inject the “lethal” that would be great :smiley:


Never thought of using it that way, granted there are easier ways but who doesn’t love variety.


So today I decided to do a SA run through of Paris. I wasn’t super creative. I just wanted to use the wire on both targets. In planning I decided to hide the sedative in a drop off. I wired Dhalia first then went downstairs. I used sedative on the sushi just for fun and emetic on the bare knuckle boxer. I wired Victor when he went to the potty. I didn’t get SA bc the kitchen people saw his bodyguard pass out.

I know I didn’t need to make him pass out, I was goofing around.

I feel this is a flaw. You can lethal poisen a drink and get SA despite everyone seeing a dead body, but you can not sedative poisen a drink bc people will see a sleeping body???

Also, in line with this topic, I have found no real use for the sedative poisen yet. I imagine we will get sedative syringe someday, but hope it’s a new animation.


Agree, i have never used the sedative vial and i don’t think i’m going to use a sedative syringe, but a emetic syringe can come in handy :smiley:.