Paris Mastery - unlockable Sedative vial


I wrote about this very item in reply to Kotti’s post about it being useless. I said that I like to use this quite a bit and the reason is because it gives a reaction to make space for you too if you know how and when to use it.

For eg. You have 2 guys standing their post. A drinking glass is there for guy 2 while guy 1 blocks the way. If you use emetic, only guy 2 reacts and goes to puke while guy 1 is still in your way. If you use poison, you kill guy 2 andnruin your SA. If you use sedative, guy 2 passes out, guy 1 Notices and leaves his post to wake up guy 2. Which gives you access or a path past guy 1.

It can also be used for distraction to walk past enforcers.

Ive used this in Paris, Italy and Morocco. Haven’t tried in Thailand yet. But it is useful if you need to open up space.
And I actually like it a lot.


The sedative poison vial is probably the most useless unlock in the game in my opinion. In the wishlist thread, I made a suggestion in my post to make it have a timed release effect and make the target go sleep somewhere isolated similar to how the emetic makes them vomit. As it is now, the victim immediately passing out in the open and then being woken up in the same spot a minute later is pointless. If they were to be found it wouldn’t be a “body found” and would have no impact on rating, as they were simply sleeping.

I doubt we will see a new animation if and when we get a sedative syringe. It’d be nice to have an animation overhaul for syringes and the magical invisible wire.


Do you loose your SA with doing it this way?


This is a fantastic idea. I can’t wait formthensedative syringe though. Being able to quickly pinch an innocent bystander to cause a distraction and focus away from where I wanna go will be awesome.


No, because it like subdueing someone.


Ah, ok, so the no bodies found bonus is not ruined, if that’s the case i would like to have a sedative syringe :smiley:.


On my run the only body found was the bodyguard who passed out. Everything else was text book SA. The bodyguard who was sedative poisened ruined my SA


Agree, this is on top of my wishlist, a empty syringe so you could choose what kind of vial you wanted to use.


Are you sure? The thing is, I haven’t completed a level in SA with the sedative used as I said so I couldn’t confirm that it happened to me. Will have to try it out.

But do we gets Bodies found if they find a subdued npc?


Subdued NPCs count for Body Found.


Okay, thanks @scm97tl i thought so too, so the sedative vial is not that useful if you aiming for SA rank.


It is said that the sedative vial neutralizes the body found. You might want to test it


While it doesn’t give you SA, that still sounds pretty creative. Are there any particular examples you remember doing this?


Well, that was interesting…
I haven’t used this since Paris was released when the vial just made it so the target laid their “dead” for everyone to gawk at and made the surrounding guards go into high alert.
Now the person is knocked out like you choked or hit them and guards come to wake them up.


I’m testing it theis very minute. Will be back in a few with the results.


If poison doesn’t ruin your rating neither should sedatives, nobody would know. People including the guy you sedate would just assume he/she passed out. I would really like to see it changed as it’s currently useless.


So it does take away your bodies found bonus if a sedative vial is used and a body is found. And as @Mr.Reaper just said, it would be good to match the poison vial result.

I don’t usually play SA so it doesn’t bother me, but as it stands, it can only be used to remove someone from their post if they drink somewhere where they can’t be found. So it almost has a useless factor involved here. Should be changed like poison to no bodies found but then what about subdues? It’s basically like that, Or could it be like the game rewards you for no bodies found because the sedative vial is a bit tougher to use and used less frequent?

I think that’s a good trade off.


Where did you get this info from? If you have it, please link it.


I thought of a use!!! IF we ever get to replay the ilusives THEN it could be added to the red wine drank by the Sapienza priest. This will take him out of the way and you won’t have to worry about him walking down the stairs when you go after the Cardinal.


Some old comments in various threads about unlocks and game mechanics. Can’t remember the comment number or wich thread exposed this info. The sure part is that it wasn’t confirmed until now. I also believed that after the poison upgrade for no body found was implemented, the sedative vial also fell in that part. It was a wrong speculation after all.