Paris Mastery - unlockable Sedative vial


When you say “neutralize” did you mean always knocked out, and can’t be woken up?
If that’s the case, @RomanianKilla, this is how it USED to be when Paris was first released. (As I wrote in my post above.)


I mean it in the context of the body being found but not losing the bonus for that.


Stupid English language! Haha
I thought you meant neutralize in the physical sense, not the neutralization of the “body found” deduction.
Even then, is that the proper use of the word? Well, it doesn’t matter… I get it now.
Now we return to our scheduled program… :wink:


I still need to get out a bit from a Chemistry filled week. Sorry. I’m mixing words. Anyway, it’s disappointing how the sedative vial is too circumstantial to be useful for a SA gameplay.


Exactly…it’s pretty useless as is. They’re in a place where they can’t be found, so why not just subdue them or use a weapon anyway? Making it to where they can fall asleep in public (or not) without suspicion, sort of like the private detective in Sapienza or the waiter in Marrakesh, would be far more useful. If they were a guard I suppose they could be found and woken up, but it wouldn’t count against you.


But on a speedrun in which time is a factor, the sedative vial would be more useful than a subdue.

Think about it. You have a guy drinking in a spot where he is hidden, but when he ISNT drinking, he stands close enough to someone that he would be found or seen being subdued.

So if you wait for him to go to the drinking spot and just subdue him, well you’d have to wait an extra 3-5 seconds to wait for the animation to finish, but if you use the sedative vial, he’d pass out and you are long gone before he’s out which in turn saves you time on your speedrun.


This is true. If it were made to be a timed release it would still have essentially the same effect as well.

Enter the sedative syringe. We could have it for instant knockout effect, while the sedative is a timed release effect. If bodies are found I think they should not count against you, but instead the NPC upon waking reacts with something along the lines of “I don’t know, I just passed out.” then they go about their business as opposed to a subdue or melee weapon they realize they were attacked thus causing guards to go into alert mode. I think it would be a nice trade off since it has limited uses. I just wish the animation was better.


Well like I said, if it’s a speedrun you’re after, then the vial trumps the syringe and subdue, because you don’t need to wait for the npc to get into position to get him sedated as you’re basically “preloading” his KO which saves you time.
If you’re going to use a syringe (or subdue), then you’d waste time by having to wait for the npc to get into position.

As for the animation, ya, I totally agree. I also wish the game didn’t make me crouch after a pinch. If I’m standing, keep me standing. If I’m crouching, keep me crouching. Just give me the option to go from standing to crouch while in the pinch animation (and vice-versa) like I can if I dump a body in a bin, subdue an npc or climb through a window.


Can someone test this out?

Use sedative on person A and have person B nearby, so that when A drinks B runs to help. Then knockout B just before he gets on his knees to help A (with a throwable for example) and hide both bodies or put them where they can’t be found. Then come here and report if SA worked.

This was a lot of patches ago but I’m pretty sure that unless the guard/civillian coming to help actually verified that the person is not going to wake up / is dead / is waking up, “body found” doesn’t count, not until this “verification” happens.


I just tested this and it worked. I used a sedative on a NPC, put her into the path of an oncoming guard. He noticed it and the “Body Found” message popped up. I knocked him out with a can of spaghetti as he sprinted over towards her body. Completed the mission and still got SA and no bodies found on the statistics screen.


That’s interesting…so if you had waited a few seconds longer and the guard were to stop at the victims body and wake them up, it would count as “Bodies Found” ?


Then somehow works like in the old games like SA and Contracts where you only got body found when the message popped. If you killed/KO the person investigating the body before the animation finished, you didn’t got the body found penalty. Thanks for this information. Might be useful to set so me bait.


Yes for sure and you lose your end of round SA because of it.


Well, thanks to the information provided by @F61Wolf and a contract created by @Euler13, there is no doubt that you can use a the body of a NPC KO with the Sedative Vial as bait to attract somebody else and keep the SA rating if you don’t allow the lured NPC to investigate the body at close distance. It’s also confirmed that you get body found if you use as bait a subdued or pacified NPC with bare hands or a non-lethal melee object.


Funny that it was me who originally discovered this long ago, but I couldn’t test (or more like re-test it under new patches) it and asked someone else to do it… I am now not acredited…

Gregor Mendel was acredited by Hugo de Vries when the latter discovered that his conclusions matched Mendel’s work which was discredited years ago. And now we study the Mendelian Inheritance, not the Vries Laws…

Funny… That’s all.

@scm97tl my colleague, should you as an engineer discover anything revolutionary for the industry, I do hope you are acredited. I would like the same for myself; both as a fellow engineer student and as a gamer.


Along with acredited, I expect for the credit to show up before I die. Just hope is something useful at the end of the day. Hope you also get some good discovery or project in your curriculum.


I’ve done some further testing with the contract that @scm97tl mentioned. I used the sedative to KO a security officer and I allowed him to drink in plain sight in the first run and in the second run I ensured that he was KOd without anyone seeing him. If you watch the video then you will see in both case I lose the No Bodies Found bonus.


I’m doing this one right now. Let me see. Ok @Euler13. Now I know what’s your issue with the body found. You can’t have anybody so close to the body (investigating it) because that inmediatly extracts the bonus. Is better, IMO, to use bodies of NPCs to lure the targets to a secluded zone to kill them, but these scenarios are very unlikely.


Here is the screen after KO the guard behind the target with the sedative vial (KO the stylist at the hall) and dragging the guard to the outside hall next to the FE. Throw a coin to attract the attention of the tech guy and notice the body, then shoot him before he gets too close to it.


That’s really good to know, @scm97tl. Can you confirm that if the security guard was subdued/KOd (without the sedative vial) and placed in exactly the same position then you would definitely lose the No Bodies found bonus?