Paris Mastery - unlockable Sedative vial


I have so clips but aren’t showing for a reason. Give me some time.


Did some more testing. The point of no return isn’t when they crouch down on a knee. It would appear that there’s some sort of radius (maybe a foot?) that once a guard enters, the no bodies found is lost forever.
Pretty weird :smiley:


i dont see what have you been testing, its known that the sedative will ALWAIS result in bodies found (if the body is found) i dont come to brag, im just suprised if you expected something different. its stupid but thats the way it is.


For any reason, the clips aren’t showing on my Xbox DVR page and some aren’t loading at all, but here is the results screen after you use a subdued/pacified NPC as bait in place of one KO with the sedative vial.


No, the sedative vial does NOT always result in bodies found if you KO the investigating guard soon enough.


well i said if the bodies were found, ie its not working as lethal poison in that regard. the fact you can manipulate AI to not count bodies found due to distance is something that happend to me before without the sedative use (edit: when a body was found the NPC started reacting and i KO him and got away with it rank wise) so further testing needed if thats the case. the only good use of it, is if the NPC could be awaken and you could still get SA (using hes clothes to kill him, the shiekh for example), but that wouldnt work, so whats the point to KO a guard on the verge of spotting while you could just KO him a second before it?


It seems that some clever assassins have figured out a way that the sedative vial can be used. As you will see in the video below, it behaves slightly different to a normal subdue. Run 1 is the full route, the others just show the final scenes and the outcomes.

Run 1: sedative used, target gets close, but is killed before he gets too close = SA
Run 2: normal KO, target gets close, but is killed before he gets too close = no SA
Run 3: sedative used, target gets too close before being killed = no SA
Run 4: repeated run 1 method = SA

Good find, agents! :sunglasses:


Exactly how it works. Now is a matter of finding a setting where it’s genuinely useful. Hey @AlexNiedt. What do you think about this?


ok, got it now. that goes under AI manipulation as far as i can tell, but if it works it works. still risky for actual runs if it has point of no return.


I think they take time to upload depending on internet speed :smiley:


Thanks @Spodey for the reminder. Here the speed is medium, so it’s going to take a good while but nothing extreme.


Just have to be creative. You could potentially lure a target under a chandelier with a sedated body for an accident kill or something. Could end up quite useful in contracts. You never know.

@scm97tl Thanks for tagging me. This is a very cool discovery!


You’re welcome @AlexNiedt. Still, is going to take some time before finding a practical use, specially since we only can administer the poison by placing it in food or drink.


sorry i wrote it before i fully understand what he ment, the first video presentation was very unclear to me. if its consistent with the no body found aslong as you KO him fast enough, than it can definatly be put to good use in some rare ocassions.


Yeah, the first video wasn’t clear because some of us (me) were still experimenting and trying to get our heads around what could be done. It was @scm97tl, the clever bear, who figured it out.


yep gj @scm97tl :slight_smile: 20 characters?! :smiley:


Thanks for the kind words @Euler13 and @Adidice, but @F61Wolf also contributed a lot for this research and don’t forget the video showed by you explaining how this worked :grinning:.


This is interesting. The differences between run 1 and 3 doesn’t make much logical sense though. The target finds a body…but then is killed immediately after. Does it really matter if they see them up close or from a distance? Even if it wasn’t from a sedative, in the case of a target I don’t see how it’d matter. If they were a guard or civilian, sedative could still be used to maintain “No Bodies Found” during a run as it’s plausible they wouldn’t know what happened to them upon waking, but would know if they were attacked or not if found. I wonder if it’s intended this way.


I suspect not. Given that the lethal poison can happen in plain sight and you keep No Bodies Found bonus, I suspect this was supposed to do the same. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch. It’s not like, say a wrench, which is re-usable. It has one use, so it wouldn’t exactly be overpowered, but imagine how useful it would be if it worked like the lethal poison.

@F61Wolf: Sorry about not mentioning you too. :disappointed:


Well agents: what kind of situation would you use this new asset for gameplays? I’m starting to visualize a good use for some sniper runs or maybe, like @AlexNiedt suggested, a nice double accident (but this one seems harder because the proximity can trigger a body found and lose the bonus).