Paris mission is not available



I have bought a standart edition, I have played a game and even passed through a Paris mission. My computer get broken, I repaired and today I have installed Hitman 2 and cannot play Paris mission, content is not available. I reinstall the game, screenshots will be later, I have all DLC of Standrt edition, nothing is unchecked there.


Are you eligible to redeem the legacy pack? If not, Paris and Holiday Hoarders was free for 3 weeks and the limited holiday event ended 8th January so if you dont have the Legacy pack then you cant play in the Paris location.

If you have the full season of Hitman 2016 installed (the GOTY edition, definitve ediion, all maps installed + bonus episode (landslide, the icon & a house built on sand) then you can get all of Hitman 2016 content for free to play in Hitman 2 through the Legacy pack dlc
You can find more information on how to play Hitman 2016 content in Hitman 2.


He said ‘standard edition’, so I presume he don’t have access to Legacy


He said he has standard edition for Hitman 2. That doesnt matter if you can redeem Legacy pack or not. You can get Legacy pack on all edition of Hitman 2, even the prologue


I guess you are right guys, It is damn hard to find what is exactly in Standard edition in Steam (0 description) and on the website it is not written also, I did not know that Paris was just temporary available.


Standard edition gives you access to all the main mission, the main 5 maps+tutorial
Silver gets you the same + 1 expansion pack + executive pack
Gold gets you the same as standard + 2 expansion packs + executive pack
Collectors edition gets you the same as gold + collectors physical stuff and some digital stuff
Each expansion has a new map location, new sniper locations, new bonus mission(s) and items
You can even buy standard + the expansion pass which gives you both expansions
If you are eligible for Legacy pack, you can play all of Hitman 2016 content in Hitman 2

Thats about all you need to know about the editions


And where is a Paris missing exactly? I did not find any word Paris in hitman website where is a description of each edition. In other editions the are a lot of customisation so I thought standard edition gives a Paris mission, I thought it’s a main game actually.


Why would you think that Paris would be a main game location for Hitman 2 if it was in Hitman 2016.
Technically it is a sub-main location for Hitman 2 but it’s not available by only buying any Hitman 2 edition.

The only way you can get access to Paris in Hitman 2 is by either redeeming Legacy pack for free if you own the full Hitman 2016 game on the same platform that you own Hitman 2 or by buying the GOTY Legacy pack for Hitman 2.

Here is a comparison you can find by searching Hitman 2 editions on google


Cause this mission had started after the tutorial mission automatically. I thought such missions are somewhere in extra menu, but nope, I was led there after the tutorial.
I searched in Google the word Paris but did not find anywhere in the description of different editions, it was written in general “extra maps, missions”. So I thought that it should be main mission of I was transferred on it after the tutorial.
Thanks a lot for your help! :slightly_smiling_face: