Paris Professional Difficulty Item Locations (tips on the changes)

So I need help finding the laptop dongle for Dalia Margolis’s auction and decided to make this thread. Please use italics and Bold when referring to an item of interest.

To start, the
IAGO invite is now located on the table of the Sheikh’s room (2F) by the locked door (piano room adjacent).
Also BOAT KEY is now located on Voktor Novikov’s personal bodyguard dude (bald CICADA security guy) Please post any differences you guys have seen in item locations so we can help each other out, thanks.


Could be wrong but I think I saw on a stream that the firework remote is now being held by the technician at the desk?

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The only Crowbar I can find now is in the attic next to the remote explosive device (basement crowbars no longer exist nor do any emetic vials in kitchen, basement or the garden shed’s)

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Yup, it is…I left that out as you hear him talk about it still so it seemed obvious to me its inside the NPC’s inventory now

LAPTOP DONGLE is now carried by a guard in attic (not sure which had it as I punched out the 2 guards near remote explosive device)

Emetic poisons…one of the chefs in the basement has one (sorry can’t remember which but I think it’s the one closest to the door)

In the kitchen upstairs, each palace staff person has one emetic poison on them as well (same room where there used to be two)


I haven’t tested it yet, but logic would dictate that the dude with the dongle is the one you can attract and take out silently by turning off the fusebox in the area.


You’re absolutely right.

There’s a rat poison being held by the staff member sitting outside of the small shed, the one next to the vaultable gate, by the car park connecting to the patio of the bar.


You can also get one from the hipster with the right side of the palace who wears a beanie, he’s out in the yard past the statue, by the electrocution puddle.


To expand on this, there’s an emetic poison held by the waiter on Dalie’s floor that blocks the entry way to the attic.

Why he has one puzzles me.

Does Professional Paris actually have more of this item than the normal location?


No one has found the Master key yet, huh? The basement door on the shed side is locked.

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any1 seen fireworks remote?

Read up in this thread

There is an invite available if you wait by the bathrooms on the right as you enter (next to the room where the camera you can put explosives in). A woman will enter the bathroom and she has an invite.

I wanted to put this in the Pro Difficulty Thread but that’s temporarily locked.

This is my Paris Pro Silent Assassin run. Not S/O yet, will do that some other time. As usual, it’s all condensed into a quick 3 minute video.

I had to get creative for Dalia, since she only seems to trust the guy at the bathroom window to listen to her phone conversation. I kept it simple for Viktor, but it’s kinda funny how it plays out and worth watching till at least then.

So is going to get an update for PRO mode? Anyone here manages the site or is a regular editor?

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The technician who talks with the guard about the remote control, carries it.

I really like the idea of making items more difficult to acquire. The rat poisen would likely still be used so maybe not having it on the ground is a bit unrealistic just to make things harder, but I am in NO WAY going to complain bc regular mode is way too easy and I like the H2 difficulty in my Hitman Games.


Nice run, Keith. I planned for SA/SO on my first try. here is mine: