Paris to Haven Full Game SASO speedrun

Couldn’t find a relevant topic in the new forums, so I thought I might post my run here:
All 14 main campaign missions (Paris to Haven) done SASO in a single segment speedrun of 29:06 in-game time. No electric phone as well for extra challenge.

Shaved 15 minutes real time and nearly 2 minutes in-game time from my previous run. Much of the time save is simply from getting faster load times and FPS on Stadia than my potato PC, but I had some strat improvements too.

I had to work around Stadia Specific Bugs, but it was worth putting up with them for the better performance.


It took you just 43 minutes to achieve SA/SO in the 14 main missions? Wow man, that is impressive.


29 minutes in-game time, and yes. Thanks for the kind words.


That was just crazy! Loved it!

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Thanks, glad you liked it.